My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is so much easier to create change in your life than you might imagine. In fact, you can begin to turn your life in a new direction with the very next thought.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve had years of disappointment or frustration. You can shift to a vibration that opens you to satisfaction. Even if you have a life-threatening illness, you can find the frequency that allows wellness to flow. If you’ve “blown” your fortune, wasted opportunities, or not appreciated love, you can still shift into a glorious existence, starting right here and now.

Even as you read this message, you can open to the ever-present, beyond-your-imagination flow of love from the Source. You will have that opportunity in every moment of your eternal existence. No matter what you’ve done, said, experienced, or chosen, you never “lose your right” to receive love, and love will never stop flowing. You are all learning to open to its broadcast.

If you look at life through the lens of third-dimensional, material reality, change can easily seem impossible. You may not have the knowledge, the resources, or even the energy to “do” what it takes to “make” your life change. However, through the 5D (energetic) lens, change is simple. You look around and find something to feel good about. You dare to fantasize about what you want and shift your thoughts away from the same old expectation of disappointment. You begin to live now, seeking good feelings now, drawing from what is around you now to raise your vibration.

You allow the universe to do what it does by its very design—love you, guide you, inspire you, and assist you in creating all that you want.Instead of agonizing over how to handle a situation, you surrender to your heart that wants to dream, feel, and allow good to flow.

As you continue to practice these subtle shifts throughout your days—in even the smallest ways—you are learning to tune your energy field. You all understand the concept of tuning. You grab your remote control, select a station, and tune into it. You push the buttons in your car to select a radio station, and you tune into it. Something catches your attention, and you tune into it. You think of a lemon, and you tune into that, causing your body to create chemical reactions that match. An athlete imagines dunking the basketball into the hoop, and their body begins to send nerve signals and cause muscle contractions that are the exact match to their imagined success.

Examples of tuning are everywhere. The person who says, “I get sick every year,” gets sick every year. The person who says and believes, “I don’t have time to be ill,” rarely gets ill. The person who says, “Money just flows to me,” experiences it, while the one who says often, “Money just seems to flow out the door,” will wave goodbye to their money quite often. The one who says and means, “I love life!” has love reflected in so many ways, while the ones who cry, “What is this world coming to?” seem to find more and more examples of insanity and impending doom.

Your world is a smorgasbord of frequencies and behaviors. You will notice what you tune into. Your body is a symphony of energy and chemistry that is highly attuned to the vibrations you create with your thoughts and feelings. A cascade of chemical and electrical reactions results from every thought and feeling.

As you learn how to tune your vibration, grant yourself grace. Sometimes, feeling “better” is not yet “best.” If you are deeply upset, having a good rant in order to let off steam can often make you feel better. Rant to your angels! We listen and hold space for your powerful self to emerge. Sometimes, thinking unpleasant thoughts about someone is a step above feeling victimized. Just don’t stay stuck in those spaces. Reach for better. You deserve to feel good.

For example, when someone treats you unkindly or when you witness someone behaving in a way that upsets you, you may find yourself re-living the scene over and over in your thoughts. You notice how bad that feels. You are vibrating at a frequency of “victim.” You may have truly been victimized in 3D. However, you don’t want to stay stuck there. You don’t want to focus on that and attract more. You want to find and feel your soul’s loving power.

Knowing what you know about energy, you can start to reach for better:

“They have no idea how painful and destructive their behavior is!” you rant. “I hope someone does it to them someday!” You start to feel more empowered, but if you’re honest, that doesn’t quite feel good enough yet.

“Actually, I don’t care about what they feel! I want to feel good!” Better still.

“I deserve to feel good. Is there anything I can feel good about now?” I think I’ll get a good meal. I truly deserve more than this!” Better yet, but you’re still a little focused on the upset.

“Wow, this meal is good. I have a good life.” You look around and see how small and insignificant the bad behavior is compared to the blessings in your life. You start to feel appreciation for the blessings. You genuinely feel relief. Now you’re tuning to love and manifesting better, too.

The universe doesn’t keep score. You could attract difficulties for decades, and after five minutes of genuinely feeling good about yourself and genuinely focusing on good things in life, you would start to run into kinder people and more comfortable situations whenever you go. You would start to see “coincidences” and synchronicities appear.

Every now is brand new. Every thought is a chance to feel better or not. Every feeling shifts your vibration either towards or away from what you want. Given no direction, your conditioned brain will likely go in and out of lower and higher vibrations to the point where not much changes. But when you can take charge of this and start to shift to feeling better, you start to create a spiral of positive momentum. Keep it going as best you can because, eventually, that positive momentum will start to show up as an avalanche of good feelings, people, things, and circumstances.

Change is entirely possible, dear ones. Right now, think of something that gives you joy—a loved one, a favorite meal, your blankets, the sunshine, anything at all. Think of it. Think of why you like it. Feel the good feelings. In this very instant that you have attuned to love, your past is irrelevant. What happened yesterday is irrelevant. You are now, in this moment, attuned to love and attracting better. You do deserve to feel good, attract good, and share good. The universe never keeps score, so when you wobble, try again. Keep it up.

Practice and you’ll eventually get so good at tuning, dear friends, that life will become a joyful, playful game of creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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