The Teachers to Follow When We’re Not Around ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very playful with the other beings and collectives that we associate with throughout the galaxy and universe. We are able to take that lighthearted approach with the other beings and collectives we come across because we know that they are not taking their existence seriously either. We know that they have nothing to worry about, and neither do we, and so the lighthearted approach seems appropriate. There is a lot of laughter, or our form of it, in the nonphysical. We discovered that as soon as we ascended into the nonphysical. 

The experience of so much joy is something that you all have to look forward to as you continue on with your ascension, but please do recognize that your ascension doesn’t have to be serious business from where you are right now. It can be fun, playful, and full of joy, laughter, and excitement about what is to come. Of course, there are serious things happening on Earth, and of course they get your attention from time to time and you cannot avoid hearing about them or reading them on your phone or computer screen. But you are there to be the light in the face of the darkness, and therefore, as you seek the lighthearted approach, you find yourself then becoming a match to lighter and better-feeling news. You find yourself aligning with a reality where there is less darkness to shine a spotlight on or to be the light in the face of.

Remember that you are vibrating at all times, and what you vibrate will determine what you experience. And therefore, look for ways to have fun, to make light of your situation, your challenges, and you will bring those people to you who also want to take that path. There are many who do want spirituality to be less serious and more fun, and you can make a point of listening to those people, rather than following someone who is consistently giving you the doom and gloom report because you think you need to stay informed in order to be protected.

The only thing you ever need protection from is your own vibration, and you have complete control over that. The moment you recognize that you do, you can go towards the light. You can move to that higher-vibrational state, and many of you know how to do that. Some of you are still remembering how, and that’s a process, but it is one worth giving your attention to. Think about the children and their approach to life. They want to play; they want to have fun; they want to laugh. They’re not interested in staying informed, but they will find a way to make something into a game or a toy, and you can learn a lot from watching them and how creative they are.

When you hear a child laughing, it is one of the best sounds you can possibly experience there on Earth. Join them in their frivolity, in their carefree nature, and know that they are there to teach you, just as we are, and their teachings are about how to take the lighter and more joyous path through life. We are here to remind you, when there are no children around to do so, that this is a path that you are creating, and you can create the path with joy. 

You can also expect more joy, more joyous experiences and more joyful people to come into your life as soon as you make a decision to be more lighthearted, to have more fun, and to laugh more. We know that you are capable of doing so, and you are still going to have plenty of opportunities to be of service to the collective and do your spiritual work. Trust us. You will not be missing out on any of those opportunities, but you always have that option of creating more opportunities to experience yourself as a lighthearted being of joy, love, and laughter.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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