We are in it. The energies are swirling and we can often hear the sounds of those frequencies in our ears. We can feel the energies within us moving us to a new level and we can now see the enlivening taking place in some of the 3D people around us, who are being pulled into these emergent energies now. The ones who are ready seem fresh and new and on board for an adventure. I had an experience with this on my bike ride. A neighbor called to me as I was going by: “The next time you ride, I’m going with you.” She had her knee replaced 6 months ago and just got the all-clear from her physical therapist to get on her bike. Her excitement was bubbling out.

If you’ve ever ordered a coffee drink and gotten an overly full cup and then had to carry it carefully to your table, that’s where we are now. We’re brimming with all this newness and we don’t want to spill, so we’re moving with extra awareness of all that is taking place. We can’t even keep up with all of it now. There are a host of events taking place in the 3D world, most of which we are now paying little attention to as we focus on what we are creating. This is important, because we are the ones doing this. Our focus on creating the new is required. And we have the spectacular width and breadth and depth of all this incoming energy that is changing things up, including us, in every moment.

We’re brimming with all this newness.

We are in it and it’s happening. And as the old world continues to come apart, it is making less and less sense. I’m seeing examples of that every day now, right in my own community. One of my neighbors told me his car wouldn’t start. “Where do I take it to get it fixed?” he asked. His car is fairly new so I said, “Your dealer is probably a good idea. And they’re close by.” He thought that was a great idea. His dealer came and got the car and told him they wouldn’t be able to work on it for 3 weeks! So he rented a car for the interim. But there have been a few conversations like this that surprised me, where it seems like people don’t know what to do now, perhaps because the old world is disappearing, piece by piece, and we are in a new space. They are navigating that space too without even realizing it. We all knew how to operate in the 3D world, but as we move into the new world, we may find ourselves asking how to do things. And of course, all of that is evolving with us. It will all be changing as we continue changing.

Here’s what I’m hearing. Feel into what’s happening around you. Pay attention to messages you get about what to do. Honor yourself. Notice when you are drawn to think about or work with lower frequencies. Bring yourself back into higher frequencies and participate, if needed, from there. Hold that space for yourself and others.

The light has opened our hearts so that we can be linked to all that is.

The light has opened our hearts so that we can be linked to all that is, so that we can pulse and breathe with the universal pulse and breath. All the energy that’s impacting our heart centers is about more than just being Love, it’s about being anchored in the All as Love. We have moved to this new level now and entered a new level of sovereignty and connection.

With each move we make, we continue envisioning and creating even beyond what we can see taking shape. This is not just about each of us, it is about all of us. We are creating for ourselves and for everyone. And again, our language does not suffice to describe what is taking place. But we can definitely feel this: The Light is altering us. We are moving to new levels of our power and our ability to heal.

Feel the deep new calm within, which is our new home base. Feel the expansion. Feel the nudges to release the old. Release the old ways you have done things, the old ways you have thought, the old beliefs. Release whatever was keeping you small. Those of us moving now into the Light of the Open Heart are connecting in oneness and expanding into allness. This is our next phase of creation.

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