Hi Everyone,

It was quite a week! I stayed up all night Sunday night to get my new class announcements out now that I have a venue in Phoenix set up. I wasn’t feeling pressured. I was feeling passionate. I didn’t realize I had stayed up so late, till I looked up and the sun was coming up. I have no idea how this works, but when I’m in that flow, I don’t get tired. It hits afterwards when I have to do the chores or things that don’t feel so passionate!

Monday, of course, was eclipse day, and here in Phoenix, with the proper goggles, we got to see a 60% covering of the sun. You’d never know it if you just looked around. The day was bright and beautiful. But with the goggles I sat there in awe as I watched the moon, our dear satellite rock, temporarily block the light from our star. How fitting, I thought. The sun and the light shine eternal whether we block them or not. I slipped into that delicious feeling of being a tiny person glued by gravity to a spinning planet in the vast reaches of space. I felt the immensit of creation, the vastness of the moon, its weight and pull, and the even greater expanse of the sun.

I was blissing out in this semi-meditative space when I received a strong pull to get up and look in the pool. There was a baby sparrow whose first flight had ended badly. She was cold and near death, so I got her out of the water, held her close to my heart to warm her up. I intended with all my being that she know how precious and loved she was, whether she was aiming for life or death. Clearly it wasn’t up to me. I’ve held animals while they crossed, and I’ve held them while they miraculously came to life. I watched the eclipse, shielded her face from the bright glare of the sun, and held her close.

As the moon finished its transit, I felt her signaling me. She opened one eyes and looked into mine, and I burst into tears with the magnitude of angelic love coming from this tiny creature. In body, she was a young little sparrow. In being, she was angelic.We shared a moment that felt like eternity. I sensed her gratitude, love, and appreciation, and I felt her sense mine. I marvelled at the miracle of every perfect tiny feather on her little body. I felt my warmth going into her as she relaxed. She looked at me one more time and I felt her perfect contentment, completeness, and a sense that it was time. As I prayed for her to feel the magnitude of my love, she left her little body so peacefully and expanded back into spirit.

Precisely then, the moon moved out from in front of the sun. The whole cosmos echoed with a silent beauty for just a moment then the birds resumed their singing in the yard and life marched on. I held her little body and felt her magnificent spirit, now free, and now holding me. It was surreal. As I’ve done many times for animals that transition on my watch, I laid her “in state” for a day in a beautiful basket lined with soft cloth. I gave thanks for her soul and prayed for all the little birdies. The next day, I buried her in surrounded by soft and fragrant rose petals and lavender in the backyard. It was only a body I buried. I felt her magnificent soul. The privilege of feeling her love had me in tears of awe, and appreciation. She wanted me to get on with life.

Later that afternoon I dropped a beautiful glass bottle I’ve had for decades in my kitchen. Clearly, it was a time of letting go of form. I think many of us let go of things during the eclipse. I don’t know astrology and even the astrologers were not in agreement about “what it meant,” but what the eclipse meant to me was that a large portion of humanity was taking a pause for a few minutes to a few hours to witness the miracles of nature, and to feel the sense of our unity as a race here upon a planet revolving in space. Perhaps for a moment, we let go of our problems, differences, and upsets and felt a sense of awe for the miracle of our existence. I know I did. I suspect many others did, too.

I used to wonder why we must live and die, and the angels reminded me that we’d get terribly bored if we lived forever in one body, circumstance, and one conditioned mindset. The trick to living a long life on this Earth in one body is to stay interested, keep expanding, enjoy our moments, and, of course, to connect regularly to infinite love no matter how we do it.

So, while I’m waxing philosophical here, what does this all mean for our everyday lives?

I think these moments of being aware of our temporary nature on Earth give us a sense of perspective and appreciation for life. There are so many times when problems, politics, or things in this world seem to loom so largely in our minds that we forget the simple miracle of existence. You’ve heard me say it before – a single rose once brought me back during a difficult time. Its perfume reminded me of all that was beautiful about this earthly life. My dearest little sparrow did the same. What a beautiful, if short, life she lived. She gave me the gift of feeling what it was like to sit warm and nurtured under her mama bird’s belly and the exhilaration of those brief moments of first flight. She let me feel what it was like to rest quietly in an eggshell waiting for her body to develop and those moments of absolute wonder as she pecked free of it. My God, how much we take for granted. What a gift she gave me.

So when life gets heavy or problems seem large, stop to smell the roses or your coffee and revel once again in the million tiny and exquisite miracles life has to offer.

Here are a few gentle reminders to help you slow down and truly live life as it was meant to be…

1.  See how many things you can appreciate throughout the day that you usually take for granted.

I noticed the smell of my hand soap the other day for the first time in ages and had a delightful moment enjoying it. I usually rush through the hand washing routinte but realized how much I miss by not taking a moment to savor it.

Take time to marvel at the thousands to millions of people whose lives are spent giving you your phone or your computer. Smell the coffee. Enjoy the soft feel and fresh scent of the laundry when it comes out of the dryer. Simple “chores” and everyday activities are elevated with such love and appreciation for the exquisite moments of existence that they truly are.

2. When you fear loss, remember how much love continues to flow into life

We have all had our losses, great and small, and yet after living long enough, you realize the river of life keeps flowing, delivering new experiences, new ways to love, and new things to replace the old things. We have a new type of relationship with our loved ones in spirit. We replace something cherished that broke and find out that we have a better experience. We lose a friend who wasn’t a friend so much, and a few years later look back and revel in the improved quality of life. We break a cherished glass and discover a new one we love more.

It would be unrealistic to say we won’t miss the people and things that move on in our 3D life. But it is also realistic to expect that, in time, new forms of relating will appear, new experiences and new things will show up. Life never stops delivering more life, and if you look back even upon some of your greatest losses, you will see that there will always be new ways to relate, new opportunities for love, and new things that replace even those we thought we could never give up. You might never stop missing the physical presence of a loved one, but the more you can focus on their spiritual presence, the more the relationship returns to life.

3. Appreciate now

I was once crying over a friend who was leaving, hugging them goodbye, all the while telling them how much I’d miss them, when the angels got in my head and said so humorously, “Why dont’ you stop missing the now while they’re hugging you?” I burst out laughing! I was already in the throes of my imagined loneliness while hugging this person in front of me in the here and now!

Their point was not lost. I now appreciate who and what is in front of me here and now, even if I’m manifesting more. I trust that if someone is leaving my life, I will find ways to connect. A dear one in my life who passed many years ago is still in connection with me, and we commune often, sometimes not even talking but just resting in the beauty of each other’s love. The more I can appreciate life as it presents itself here and now, the more it shares with me.

We are human. We live in temporary bodies, in temporary homes, and in temporary situations. They might last a lifetime or a short time, but they don’t last forever. Luckiliy we do. Our animals do. The essence of what we’ve created does and can come to us in new and improved forms. Our loved ones in spirit can come to use with an unimaginable love to share.

The human experience and its feelings of loss and separation are not always easy but as we gradually shift our focus to appreciate life as it presents its eternal self to us, here and now, there is beauty and bliss available in the smallest things, even beyond words or imagination. Love is the eternal reality. Whether you find it in the kiss of spirit, the touch of a living being, or in the softness of a towel removed from the dryer, that eternal love is what we crave, seek, and ultimately merge with.

I don’t want to wait till I die to feel that love. I’d rather tap in here and now. It takes practice to remind ourselves to appreciate the miracles in front of us. We take so many of them for granted, and yet a few seconds of conscious appreciation can bring you into an exquisite sense of connection and love. And that, ultimately is what we all crave.

Have a blessed week,

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