We are the Elves and we love you.

We are very old. We have lived on Earth from the beginning of time.

We feel you, and understand your feelings, and we have done almost exactly the same, but it was a long time ago.

We have lived and learned over time and matured, and so will you do too.

Mother Earth is to us, everything! She means the beginning and the end for us. And yet, as we see it, there is no end to love!

If you want a serious advice from us, walk the love road with us!

This road never ends! We know about what you are going through on your path here on Earth and we know about the ups and downs!

You are inside your own learning path, and you are growing!

Sometimes you do not see that you actually grow, as you learn more!

But you do!

You think it hurts to much, and therefore you assume that in this “not so beautiful” way of existing, you come to the conclusion that you do not evolve as you should?

All the hard times are lessons, and you are passing through them! It might seem cruel? That we mention this? But it is fundamental!

You learn from walking on a road that is not smooth.

The hardships awakens you, and you get in contact with your soul.

And at the same time you are always loved! But you forget about it in the darkest hour.

Your soul is eternal and lives in your body, right here and now! 

Your process of awakening to your soul is going as planned!

The awakening elevates your perception of all that is around you!

And this is also a lesson. To get to know yourself with open eyes. Getting to know yourself as a soul, takes time too. And we back you up if you need and if you want us to!

Remember that you are always loved!

/The Elves

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