We are the Cetaceans! We live in the oceans. 

We know you! We can feel you!

Even though you live on the land, you still need to drink water.

Water connects us! The water you drink is the same water as we swim in, live in.

Water moves. Water rises as clouds, mist and moves away to the high mountains and falls down as rain, and turn into a river that moves towards the sea, over and over again.

I am Kaskelot and I leave footprints!

Yes I really do!

My movements in water makes the water thrive! The water comes to life!

Water needs movement or it will die. But it needs the natural movements, not from oil-drilling, or other engines of other kinds.

One of the smaller beings in the ocean, like the Krill, makes another kind of movement, but is just as important.

Every being makes their own movements and leaves their particular unique footprints, and the water is being massaged into health and joy.

You too, leave your own unique footprints! And yes you actually have feet, so, then you must know how important you are?

But the saddest thing about human beings is that you actually don’t know how important you are!

You have no clue!

Mother Earth knows you, loves you, and feels your emotions. She knows about every step you take.

But most important she feels your footprints as totally unique for you.

Mother Earth is a great soul, and the greatest of creators. And she connects with your soul and your soul have an aura-image, that is reflected in the soles of your feet. 

No one can replace you! You are your own!

Water needs us, we move in water, we make water stay alive with our movements.

The land needs you, the land needs your feet and you walk upon it. 

Every animal on the land, has different kinds of feet, small, big, few feet, many feet…and they all are so important. They give the ground the exact kind of massage or acupressure that the ground needs to feel good, to live.

Mother Earth has pressure points! Just like you have! 

There are no coincidence! All our movements are important and we are where we are to make Earth thrive.

Have faith in yourself always,

we love you


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