I felt the beauty and power in the angels’ words this week. They’ve been working strongly this year to help people stay in a greater truth, even though nearly every sensitive soul I’ve met has felt the chaos in one form or another.

Many have been telling me they randomly start thinking negative thoughts. It makes sense. That is a loud broadcast for many right now.

Many people have experienced sudden health challenges that are subsequently healed and thus prevented from silently causing more problems.

Many are telling me they can no longer stay in situations where they are not treated kindly, and many feel like resting more than ever before. Others can’t wait to get going.

Overall, I’ve seen so much movement in people towards living more authentically, taking back our power to be happy and indulging the darker energies with a lot less attention. Whether these show up in the form of a negative coworker or a diatribe on the news, we are all becoming tired of the fights and drama, and we are leaning more powerfully into love. That said, it isn’t easy to be in the world, but not of it, and thus, I’m deeply grateful for the angels’ “campaign,” if I might call it that, over recent years, to teach us all the power of a simple focus on something kind. It seems almost naive to say, “Ignore the darkness and enjoy your coffee” in the 3D world. What good will that do? But in the world of energy, it means we are tuning out of a bad broadcast and empowering the broadcast of love. It makes far more sense when you look at it that way.

If we could see the results of a single loving choice, we’d see our hearts attune to a light so bright the darkness around us simply fades, as surely as darkness fades when you turn on the lights in your house at night.  Just as the bugs in the yard scurry away if you flip over a rock and let the sun shine upon them, those who want to stay in darkness will transform or leave when we shine the light upon them.

Years ago a former felon moved into a house next to my friends.  He was lewd and obnoxious and made horrid comments to them while inebriated. Needless to say, they were not thrilled. So we pulled the “light card” on him. We started to pray. We prayed for the upliftment of his soul. We prayed that light flood his home and life. We prayed that the spirit of love rise up within him. Within four months, he foreclosed and moved away. He could not live with his darkness in that light. I have seen clients do this over the years, and always, those lost in darkness either transform and become kinder or they leave.  The darkness can’t live in the light.

“Dear God, may the light of love rise up within all souls. May they know their true nature. May they know and feel your love. May they find peace…”

I pray this often. Many are afraid to “pray for their enemies” for fear the prayer will empower them, but light cannot empower the dark. It can only dissolve it or drive it away. Pray for those you can’t stand to be raised into the light, and then let them choose if they will transform or just leave you alone.  Allow yourself “stolen” moments of joy even if you work or live with difficult souls. Focus on the good whenever you can.  Our slightest shift into the light disempowers the darkness. The more we turn to love, the less the darkness can be sustained.

It isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to stay in a good space when there is chaos or pain, or someone you care about is hurting. A best friend lived this weekend. Had she not listened to her own guidance and followed her own impulses, she might have been partying in heaven right now.  Those of us around her did not indulge ourselves in drama or fear when we heard she was in the ER. We stayed calm and positive and focused one her healing because we all know the value of a good vibe. She remained remarkably strong and positive in the face of a scary situation. She is recovering amazingly fast, and we are all in deep gratitude and awe as we consider the remarkable chain of events that kept this earth angel alive.

Love takes practice when we’ve lived years responding in chaos or fear. Sometimes, you must soothe yourself before you can be there for others. Sometimes, you have to be kind to yourself, even when you’re down. Sometimes, the most love you can find is to have a good cry and make yourself a cup of tea. Love is love, and in whatever form you find it and focus upon it, it starts to open up within you, stream through you, and gain momentum.

It is important to be kind to yourself this year, to listen to your positive impulses, and to avoid trying to be something you’re not. We can choose love in even the smallest doses, and it matters.

We are experiencing massive solar flares right now—hence the early arrival of this newsletter. Two spots on the sun released a great deal of energy, and they start to hit Earth’s atmosphere today. I wanted to get this message out so you can enjoy the massive energy hitting our planet mid-Friday through Sunday rather than being thrown off by this big flow.

Here are a few very practical tips to help you do so.

1.  Harness the Power of these Waves

Solar flares are massive explosions of energy from the sun that hit our Earth’s magnetic field and react with it. We are energetic beings, and we will be affected by this influx of energy. Think of it this way — “Surf’s up,” and if you sit and intend to receive the flow while thinking about what you want in life, you’re pointing a lot of positive energy down the path of your dreams!  If you sit, breathe, and receive, you’re tuning into an influx of light.  But if you try to fight yourself, push yourself, make yourself wrong, or focus on things in the world that don’t feel so great, it could feel a bit exhausting. Better to ride this wave of love than fight it 🙂

Take time this weekend to breathe and imagine these beautiful waves of light flowing from our star—the physical representation of light in our solar system—flowing into your field and carrying your dreams into the future.  Take time to sit, breathe, receive, and ask this light to enliven your cells and illuminate your body. Imagine releasing your problems to this light and watching it wash them away.

This is a powerful, tangible 3D energy and we can either fight it or open to it. It is much easier to open to the love!

2. Stop making yourself wrong

“I am who I am” is the name God gave to Moses. You are who you are. If you are sad, you’re sad. If you’re upset, you’re upset. If you’re happy, you’re happy. Accept yourself now. Love yourself now. Be kind to yourself now. And then, in that simple act of loving yourself as you are, right here and now, you start to soften and transform. Your happy moments will get happier. Your sadness will be slowly soothed, and your upsets calmed.

Whether the light of love that shines upon you comes from the sun, another human being, your dog, or yourself, it is still the transformative love that creates worlds.

3. Trust your flow

Pay attention to the things that sound fun or interesting. Focus less on those which do not, to the degree that you can. Allow yourself to do what feels life-affirming and enlivening even if you see no earthly purpose. The angels often guide me in ways that make no sense but elevate my vibe.

I started to participate in an Etsy challenge in early May. The challenge was to make five shirt designs a day on the given topic. The first topic was for “nurses.” I went on a tangent and made 29 shirt designs for labor and delivery nurses and doctors. It made no sense. I failed the challenge as it was defined, but I had a lot of fun. I ended up praying for all the earth-angel nurses and doctors as I worked on the shirts. I prayed they be given the grace to listen to their intuition and their patients, and that they be granted the strength and wisdom they needed to do their jobs.

Who knew that a few days later, earth-angel nurses and doctors would help keep a dear friend on the planet? The tangent I took made no earthly sense to me at the time but looking back, I see the movement of the energy and am, as always, in awe.

Trust your flow.

As crazy as it is on Earth right now, I wouldn’t miss it.  We’re here to usher in a new era of light, and, as will all birthings, it is messy. Oh! I just got more insight into why I was making shirts for the delivery nurses and doctors. We are all mid-wiping in a new era right now.  So don’t pay so much attention to the antics of those you can’t change. Instead, embrace the small moments of love and kindness you can create on a daily basis, and know that although they look small in 3D, they are part of a massive movement in human consciousness.

And enjoy the solar flares!

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