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Dear Ones,

What was supposed to happen recently likely did not, and that which was not supposed to happen happened. Missed appointments, incorrect directions, and mixed messages created complete confusion.

You are flipping in and out of time zones—here this morning but not this afternoon—and returning later in the day. This, like all other recent phases, is confusing. You feel neither here nor there physically, similar to how you felt recently with the people you know and love.

As was true for your previous major shifts, your outer being shifted, then your inner being, and finally, your physicality – so it is now. You are floating in and out of time, dimension, and frequency zones, which is disconcerting to you and those around you, creating a sense of fear and anger. “Why is this happening now? What did I do wrong?”

There is no need for fear or anger, for this phase is merely a glimpse of what can be if you choose. For example, you might explore a particular time or frequency—or not—based on your experiences while doing so for a few minutes in the next few days.

Your selections, based on interest instead of shoulds or have-tos, will enhance your unique path.

Consequently, your current life is probably scattered and not that pleasant. You do not know if you will be on time in the right place with the expected interactions or if you will seemingly waste minutes, hours, or even days as you explore various options.

To create more confusion, your 3D thought processes will not register these times as anything other than uncertainty. Yet, your inner being has checked off another exploration opportunity or negated a particular adventure.

Because the number of adventures you are experiencing daily as you float in and out of times, frequencies, and dimensions would be too confusing, even counter-productive, you cannot interpret these explorations consciously. You would be overwhelmed and unable to choose based on inner interest instead of passing fancy. Once you have fully tapped into that part of your being you are just beginning to discover, you will not need this childish game of “select without direction or understanding.”

You are in an exploratory stage of becoming within, without, and through various timelines, frequencies, and dimensions. Even though you probably believe you could explore all those layers and maintain your daily life, the information you gather will not coalesce for a few weeks.

In a sense, you are taking classes about the new worlds you intend to explore, including geography, history, science, sociology, fishing, gathering, hunting, survival, and language lessons appropriate for that area. Actual exploration is premature until those areas have been accessed and adopted. And you cannot do either until you review your options, as you are now doing.

Your world has morphed into multiple Universes with more options for joy, fun, and exploration than you ever thought possible. So allow yourself to discover something interesting over here and something equally interesting within. You are building a path with concrete interests, interactions, and activities from within instead of outside yourself, as you have for eons.

You are new beings in the Universal sense. Allow that to filter into your being as you float in and out of new activities and adventures without noting them consciously as you once did in 3D.

You are new, and so is everyone who is transitioning. This newness requires new activities, interests, and acceptance of the unknown. Even though you might feel that your life has become haphazard, all is well in your world. It is so for a reason. So be it. Amen.

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