I am very old. I am a part of Earth, and I call her Mother.

Fire gives warmth to a cold room. The hearth is so important!

The sun in winter gives little warmth so keeping the fire burning is vital! 

It is all about survival! 

To carry the torch is an important job!

You actually carry this torch of life and peace, in your hand, but you might not know anything about it?

To never let the fire die, is so very vital, to all life, all living beings!

To never let the fire die, has all to do with hope!

So in your hands you carry hope! And how does it work?

Even if you don´t hold an actual torch, or a candle that is lit, you hold hope in an invisible torch.

And you look at your hands and you can not see anything?

But you can feel it! Your higher self will activate your hope and healing ability in your hands and fingertips!

Then you can say a prayer by putting your palms as well as your fingers and fingertips together. This is how you actually make your prayer so much more focused and stronger.

Your prayer goes from your heart, to your hands as they now build a full circle with your arms. You can have your sules of your feet on the ground or floor. This connects you even more.

Send your prayer from your heart to God and the Angels and they will distribute the power of your prayer to whoever you addressed the prayer to.

With Faith, Hope and Love you will feel total trust in God and his ways to distribute energy of your prayer in exactly the right time!

I am a soul that lives on a big mountain and I a m the spirit of the mountain! You can not see me, but you can feel me!

If you walk on my mountain you can communicate with me. And if you walk with respect I will gladly guide you where you can walk more easily. It is a matter of respect and a heartfelt will to communicate with Mother. 

You should know and be aware of that all that you consider as “the nature” is spirited and has a soul! 

Every little footstep counts! The spirited ground, stones, soil, sand, mud, mountains…feel you! 

When you walk your steps with your activated hope, we know you even more and we understand you, we feel you and your entire walk in your life.

We love Earth for she is our Mother, she provides for us and we also love the sun as it is our torch! 

You will feel connected to your true soul essence when you let your heart guide you and as you become one with us, the nature, the natural way of living on Earth.

When you share your hope, like you share the fire with the help of a torch, it is a sacred gesture to aid those that have no hope and have no warmth, by giving, you will receive!

We follow your footsteps, we feel them and we look forward to meeting you!


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