Blessed Being, the solstice is a powerful time of shift. It is a time when the sun’s energy is amplified or diminished. Each have a necessary and beneficial flow.

As your solstice arrives, there is a turning point marked by the cycles of Time.

As the sun’s light amplifies or decreases, your body senses the shift and responds, as do the plants and animals around you.

There is not one uniform response, even within each hemisphere.

Different plants react in unique ways that diversify the experience, providing an opportunity for sustainment and adjustment.

Celebrate Cycles

As your year is at a turning point, either moving into an amplification phase or contraction phase, what impulses are you feeling with your own energy?


Even as the amplification phase begins, it is the deeper preparation that this season represents. How have your past choices and actions prepared you to climb? What path suits your future?

The solstice amplification (northern hemisphere) marks a depth of inner changes that build into a greater external creation through Time.


As the contraction phase begins (southern hemisphere), it is a time of actions that are fortifying a future of creative flow that gets refined and readjusted through your conscious choice.

As the sun begins to retreat its light, you are still experiencing great illumination. This opposition understands that movement is always going in one direction and priming its opposite that is soon to come.

It is the nature of Time’s cycles.

No matter the flow, solstice celebration is a welcoming embrace between the Earth cycle and the human experience.

While the details of the human experience have changed, there is a deep knowing within you of preparing for the cycles ahead, even as you appreciate the cycles past.

Past Solstice Celebrations

These marker points (solstice and equinox) were gathering times to honor and prepare for the upcoming season.

You may mark this within with great meaning, whether gathered or not.

You may connect with the depth of celebration where stone marked great importance of focus and action.

Take the sun’s glow into your pineal focus. Swallow the sun’s nutrients, warming your throat.

Digest and embody the sun’s power to create.  It shares equally with it’s opposite, the night. For both cycles connected create.

Unique Celebration

You may feel your own special message from Earth and Time that celebrates your unique contribution to Life.

This is the energy of the solstice—that  you are carrying Time into its next experience.

You may be in a phase of going deeper as the amplification is nearly imperceptible.  You may be in a contraction phase of the sun’s light that still feels like summer’s glory.

Yet you are carrying Time into the next cycle, just as it sweeps you along the river’s flow.

There will be both rapids and rests, ebbs and flows—even within the amplification or the contraction.

Future Celebrated

Yet what you offer to the solstice is [369] a hand to hold and mold future’s creation.

What seeds will you plant, first within the self as idea and desire?

What seeds will you bury within the earth and nurture to fruition, trusting growth even if it’s a future’s harvest beyond your Time?

What fruit will you pick to sustain the grace of your breathtaking Love, that the next desire may seed within you and feed futures?

YOU are the celebration of the solstice.

All Life is Connected through Time. And as the cycles turn, the wheel of life moves forward, nurturing the seeds you planted into new life.

Celebrate Creation, for it has created you just as you are given the reigns to create it.

Prepare to bloom.

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