I am Serapis Bey and I am here tonight to welcome you!

You are the great Lightworkers of the world, of Gaia.

And do you know what has happened?

You all have formed a perfect lightchain all over the globe and it makes a great difference!

Now the synergy spreads all around, your energy and what you all have been working for all of your lifes here on Earth!

Your combined efforts finally payes out! And now it is unstoppable!

But hold on tight to your love, to your hope and to your good faith as it is always necessary to be dressed up in these energies, because as usual attempts will be made to make you shiver in fear, for they hope for you to let go of your part of the chain.

Hold on to it! Do not let go! You have already made it! Don´t let anyone scare you! No matter what you read or hear in the public media.

Close your eyes for a while, and seek your inner sanctuary and remember who you really are!

Don´t look at any scary things if you can awoid it! Don´t seek up anything worrying, if you don´t have to.

Keep your own peace always, and guard it, always! Do it every day! 

I am there with you, just let me know and I will hold your hand!

I love you,

Serapis Bey

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