Blessed Being, your brilliant biomechanism is in a season of growth. The cosmic Light is activating a natural phase of evolution that will affect all.

Those with active resonance of the binding force of Love will begin to feel a greater creative flow with Life.

Minding Connection

As you are in a connective state within, your universal resonance is more active.

Your path of Ascension has always been supported by the season of change. And yet unlike the flower, you must actively embrace and choose as change is occurring.

You must often overcome instinct whereas the flower need only allow.

Your mind is your active choice for creation in the physical realm. It interprets and determines possibilities.

Moving it beyond the known or the past is the work of the heart, your infinite engine of connection.

When the mind relaxes, it attunes to the greater flow of the heart and your heartmind, or infinite mind, becomes more accessible.

You naturally do this in a meditative state, a creative state and a neutral-observance state.

HeartMind Connection

The specific changes that are occurring now are assisting the subconscious into greater conscious to superconscious interaction. This attunes the heartmind complex and opens the throat chakra as the zeal point, or ascension chakra, activates more fully.

You may notice throat or sinus changes, fatigue, sleep changes, concentration or memory changes, new inspiration and more.

Yet what is occurring is an upgraded potential for your Creative Harmonic focus.

As old systems break down around you, it is your creative work to hold and nourish within; hold the new potentials. This allows the loving information flow to saturate and assist the generations of Lightworkers that are also assisting you.

It is a profound time of change.

Your Mind Connection is changing you, and your increased creative harmonic changes life and Life.

Spend more time in a relaxed and active creation, blending those opposites into the unknown.

The unknown is the detail of how your divine birthright of creativity will manifest.

Blend the beginnings and endings that are arising and falling in waves of potential with your conscious choice of creation.

Let go of worry. Fuel anger into creativity.  Resolve fear and trauma into the wisdom of integrated courageous self-love.

All of this, and the other nuances that arise in your unique life, will strengthen your heartmind into greater coherence and therefore, greater power.

It is natural to you.

But you must choose.

Choose Love.

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