We had a winter storm where I live, and everything was coated in a sheet of ice. The communities around me shut down and were very quiet for a while. It took 4 days for the ice to melt off my driveway, which goes downhill to the road, so I stayed home. But on the third day I ventured out to take pumpkin muffins to a neighbor who was recovering from minor surgery. She wanted some baked treats. I had a small container of them in my hand as I made my way down the edge of the driveway that had thawed when I stepped on a patch of ice.

For several seconds, my arms and legs were going in every direction. I had made a clear intention before I left my house: I’m not falling. But something very interesting happened. For the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been telling people I’m inventing a helium vest, as I know many people who’ve fallen in the last few years. Everyone laughs and says that would be great. I have envisioned this vest many times. Well, here’s what I noticed while my arms were flailing and my feet were going every which way. The center of me stayed centered. It felt like it wasn’t moving. It felt like it was remaining elevated, as if I was sporting a helium vest that existed in a higher frequency. The experience was quite unusual and I’ve never felt anything like that before.

I then slid upright onto wet but ice-free pavement and unbelievably I was still holding the container of muffins. It was a happy moment, and I continued my journey to my neighbors’ house. She was delighted to have a surprise treat, especially since they weren’t able to go anywhere either.

But back to my close call. The more I thought about what happened, the more I could feel how my core was supported and suspended in air during that experience. For me this reinforces why we picture what we want to create, why we talk about it, why we envision it and dream about it. Thru all of that, we are creating our new worlds. Piece by piece by piece we are bringing them into being, and there are no limits to what we can create. It doesn’t have to be possible for us to physically create it, and even if it seems like there is still a solid 3D reality around us, our energetic creations are in place. They’re here. We’ve brought them in. And it’s important for us to feel the power of what we are doing. None of this will look like we think it will. It will all be beyond the constraints of our current imagining, which is very much impacted by old world rules and realities. Call on your inner kid, the one who played with make-believe friends and talked with fairies and ETs. That inner YOU does know how to do all of this.

Our new worlds are taking shape as we design them, and we design them by doing all the work that we’re doing every day.

There are many online sharing about this process now. It’s important to remember that this epic voyage of our soul is unique and different for each of us. There are no hard and fast rules. While we share many common experiences, these happen at different times and in different ways. We are each divinely guided because, after all, this is our sacred journey to reconnect with Source, with God, with the Supreme Being, with the Dreamer of Everything. We each find ways and words to describe it, and much seems indescribable. We feel our way, opening our hearts and embracing the new consciousness that awakens us within.

You will have your own challenges, your own successes, your own miracles, your own magic. This is the beauty. And the more we move into the new consciousness and the new light, the more access we have to all this newness. Continue to follow your guidance. Connect with others to share what’s happening. We’re all lighting the path. And as we make our way, look at all the light that is here. Together, we’re doing this, all of us, making it happen.

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