I love you, and you don´t even know me.

I am actually not so very well known, but what does it matter?

Is a celebrity more important? Or can an unknown person be the real golden nugget?

Well it is always in the eye of the beholder!

So what do I think is important? 

Love is the most important thing to me! And it is not only a “thing” either, it is everything!

Love is the air I breathe! The very air IS love!

But you can not see the air, nor hold it in your hands, and yet it is there. You feel the air, like a breeze that touches your hair.

The rosegarden brings an air of delightful fragrance that embraces you, wherever you are. Just awaken to the memory of this sacred garden, because you have it inside you, in your etherical heart.

Mother Mary and I walk together with you in this heartfelt garden where the scent of lillies and many other flowers fills the air. 

And you are a beautiful blossom, a soul in Gods garden, and we are many there, creating a flowersymphony together.

Please love yourself, be you, and understand that no one else can replace you, for you are unique, allow yourself to shine in your true colors.

I love you

Saint Germain

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