So much is changing so fast. We are beginning to feel the acceleration that is carrying us further into our ascension.

Are you noticing times where everything seems to be going very fast? Is it all you can do to keep up, and yet you also keep up easily, because we have prepared for this. We are beginning to experience these moments of “everything speeding up” now in the last two weeks. Many of these seem to happen with the large solar flares, which are carrying us like big waves to our new shores.

We are seeing people in the 3D world show us their patterns and where they are stuck. It can be surprising to see this, but it is important to remember, it is not about us. They are trusting us enough to reveal this, and it is part of their process of release, because they are not yet in an active release process.

We have created the pathways into the new experience for everyone.

As we enter this time of the eclipses, things will accelerate even more. We have created the pathways into the new experience for everyone, and the acceleration is going to carry everyone onto these pathways and into higher frequencies. Old patterns will fall away, and there may be many questions about what is taking place from those who are just entering this transition.

We are all coming into our gifts in a big way—our healing gifts, our intuitive gifts, our creative gifts. These are things we know how to do, and we are becoming aware. We are experiencing our power of creation. We speak what we want and it is created. We dream what we want and it is created.

We are heading into a time of everything clicking into place, effortlessly.

It is very important to hold these frequencies, to anchor this new time with our whole being. As we pull out of the old world, it’s for good. That world will never exist again. There is very little holding it together now, save for the fact that many still believe it is there. We are seeing it come apart now, as we put our new world into place.

Now is the time to feel what is in your heart. The grand plan is coming into focus. We are letting go of many of the spiritual tools we have used, the methods, the ways, because the more we move into simply being in the new experience and the new consciousness, the more we come into trusting and knowing and finding our way. Where in the past we were seeking, now we are being and doing the new. It is who we are. Even tho we don’t know everything, we are embodied in the newness, awash in the heart consciousness. We each feel our way. We begin to live intuitively. We use our minds but lead with our hearts.

Here we are, on our journey into the cosmic realm. We are riding the huge solar waves, navigating by the star essence within. We’ve got this, we really do.

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