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Dear Ones,

Even though you are likely experiencing miracles here and there – some minimal, others more obvious, you thought everything would happen instantaneously. Such is not true for several reasons, the most important of which is that you and your cohorts must adjust to your newly accepted skill set.

More miracles are happening than you now acknowledge, not because you are a slow learner but because you have not yet adjusted your Earth senses to the reality of those miracles.

You and your cohorts continue to look for 3D miracles instead of the more discreet happenings, which are rapidly becoming more important to you than you expected.

Gold is more valuable than water until you are stranded in a desert. So it is now. What you now believe is necessary will not seem that important in a few days. Not because that item, person, or activity is less important but because you will have different needs.

Those of you dreaming of increasing your financial resources, discovering the perfect mate, or finding an excellent job will feel disappointed for the next few hours until what you hoped for appears in an unusual way—not as you envisioned, but more appropriate for your being and needs.

So relax knowing what you need or hope for will appear when appropriate and within your current skill set. There is no need to cry out in pain or envision the worst outcome possible. All is wonderfully well in your world.

As a youngster, learning to read seemed complicated and confusing, with letters and words sounding like one another but having different meanings and spelled differently. Even so, you trusted your instructors and parents to know what was required for you to learn how to read. So it is now.

The difference is you are forerunners, so the only beings able to inform you of the near future are we of the Universes. Your dream world probably seems convoluted. “Why can’t everything just happen?”

As a child, you likely envied older siblings or playmates who could read, ride a bicycle without training wheels, or have romantic relationships. Did it not seem as if you would never master those skills – until you did?

The 3D pieces you now pine for are a given – they will happen because you have the skills to achieve them.

What you are now addressing is starting anew with skills you have never before used while of the Earth. Skills that were dormant from the moment you entered Earth until now.

You are consciously “working” at creating your 3D dreams and subconsciously testing your Universal skills 24 hours a day. So, you tire and become frustrated quickly, wanting someone or something to prove that you are once again a Universal being. All the while pining for whatever 3D rewards you have long dreamed of.

There is no place for rest, as you continuously expect more of yourself.

Instead of pushing more diligently, it is time to rest. Only with rest will you find the hidden keys within you to fulfill both your 3D dreams and Universal wishes.

Unlike 3D, pushing harder will not produce what you want. Rest, and you will receive. Work and worry, and your dreams will move further away from you.

Your new world is counterintuitive to your 3D world, in which pushing and gnashing of teeth were the most common methods of achieving goals. Your new world is about selecting the easy button.

Rest, and you will receive, create, and learn. Push, and you will merely be exhausted. So be it. Amen.

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