It is common knowledge to kids at a young age that you don’t pee in the swimming pool. For starters, the water is so clear and pure that everyone will know. Secondly, you’d be sitting in polluted water if you did. However, when out in nature, many kids wouldn’t hesitate to pee in the pond. You can’t see it, and it seems to blend in with the large body of water that already has its share of mixed ingredients—to the point where it seems your “offering” is not such a big deal!

This speaks to what we do with the human pool! If you’re in a crowd of highly positive and empowered people or listening to predominantly positive news, it is difficult to introduce your own negativity because in that “clear pool,” everyone can see that it is yours! However, when surrounded by negative beliefs, individuals, and news, it becomes much easier to “pee in the human pond” with our negativity because it blends right in. But in the end, in either case, we’re the ones sitting in what we offer, energetically speaking. It makes sense to put kinder vibes into the human pool 🙂

You might argue that you’re swimming in the same soup as everyone else and therefore affected by their “offerings,” and you’d be right. However, if you emanate positive energy, it is like putting a strong shield of clean and clear water around you so that the impurities can’t infiltrate. Furthermore, you add your clear energy/water to the mix, thus diluting the negative energies.

I know this analogy is gross, but it is memorable! What we put out, energetically speaking, we sit in. What we put into the world with our vibration affects the whole. If we put out positive energy and expectations, we help to dilute the darkness. If we put out negative energy and fear, we contribute to the mess.

The Creator is a spring eternal—always putting love, like clear water in the human pond. We let it into our space, or not. We share that good energy, or not. And what we emanate, we sit in and contribute to the whole.

So when the world says we’re doomed, I say, “Not on my shift!” I tune in to the beautiful souls doing beautiful, loving things. I tune into the empowered children entering our world at a rapid rate who have a passion for sharing love and creating a better world. I tune into the good side of any tools being developed in our world and do my best to imagine and empower the most benevolent outcomes for all.

At a more “down to earth” level, when I have a challenge, a bill, a pain, or a proverbial “pain in the neck” appear in my life, I see it, note it, and then put something better in the pool!

For example, I have had all sorts of computer weirdness over the past few years. I have upgraded computers only three times in my adult life, and much of the data was carried from one system to another. A great deal was outdated. I hadn’t realized programs were trying to run that were no longer relevant to my life. When another hard drive started to give “notice” that it was failing, I decided to have an expert come out to the house to help me figure this out. Hours later, after much investigation and experimentation, my system runs like a dream.

In the midst of the adventure, both the computer expert and I were scratching our heads, trying to figure out why the system kept locking up and doing things that didn’t make sense. We both had total faith a solution would be found. He went through my files, deleting useless old apps and their data, resetting system preferences to make things run more smoothly, and then ultimately installing new, helpful software. While waiting for a very long reboot, he pulled out his phone and shared pictures of his absolutely adorable dog. We laughed, shared humorous stories about furry friends, and occasionally checked the computer’s progress. Neither one of us was worried about not knowing when or how. We both knew the solution would be found. Of course, it was.

I share simple, silly examples from my own life, but there are, of course, much bigger things going on in our world—things I’m aware of, but if I gave them too much airtime, would definitely constitute you-know-what in my pool! I want to swim in the clean and clear waters of God’s love, and when I swim in the world, I want to be surrounded by my own good energy, emanating it outward to dilute the lesser vibrations. We can indeed be in the world but not of it, affected by but not at the mercy of the external.

Here are a few tips to combat fears of external realities

1.  Remember, Today was created yesterday

What we witness now was created by the mass consciousness and vibrational offerings of the past. It is 5D “old news” as we watch it occur in our 3D reality. What happens tomorrow depends on the vibration we emanate today.

So rather than fearing that the past or present will repeat in the future or that the future will be worse, do something about it now. Imagine how you want the world to feel in the future or at least how you want your life to feel. Find memories of things that felt good to you and sit with them. Whatever vibration you emanate today contributes to what you experience tomorrow.

Don’t let the world select the reality you will tune into. You get to choose.

2. Practice Memorizing Good feelings

This may sound like an odd skill, but it is profoundly useful. We memorize quotes, facts, and phrases, but we can also memorize feelings. As you recall or imagine something that feels good, you trigger the associated feelings as well. You trigger your body’s chemistry to react in positive ways. So, as you think of something positive, you will feel something positive. Take a moment to pay attention to your body and your mind and how you feel when you feel good. Try to memorize this feeling. See if you can keep feeling it even after you let go of the thought. Then, see if you can remember the feeling randomly throughout the day.

For example, think of something you love. Really pay attention to the feelings of love in your body and mind. Then, let go of the thought and see if you can continue to feel those feelings.

You are learning to be a vibrational “tuner!”

3. Play John Lennon’s Song “Imagine” or any other uplifting song or program

This beautiful song can inspire your heart and mind to tune into a heavenly reality in the world. Whether you listen to the original version of any of the many others, you can’t help but join a field of people who have tuned into this reality every time they hear it. Years ago, this artist planted a wonderful seed in human consciousness that continues to grow. This goes for any music or program that uplifts or points to a better life. I once binge-watched “The Good Witch” because a family member thought I’d like it, and the main character’s angelic approach to handling even the difficult people resonated with me.

Anything that attunes you to hope, positivity or beauty, can help you vibrate beyond fear.

4. Tune into high vibrational people

There are many on earth offering truly positive energy. You can find them in the line at the grocery store, on Youtube, or in various channels online and in person.

One of my favorites is Braco, a man from Croatia who simply stands in Divine Presence and, as you look in his eyes, offers you a chance to join him in that loving, pure, miraculous vibration. He does free online live streams each week with no registration required. I find great solidarity in the light as I watch and have seen miracles occur in both my life and the lives of others who tune into this beautiful energy being offered. Abdy is another beautiful soul who transmits light and visits various cities in person.

There are so many high vibe souls taht can act as tuning forks to help you resonate into spaces above fear. If you ask to be guided to one who can help you you might run into them while running errands of surfing the web.

We can’t control the actions of others. We can’t control the trajectory of large movements or political machines in a given instant. We can’t divert large weather systems or stop the expansion of technology. That said, we are never at the mercy of the outer world if we keep our vibration above it. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil” is a passage that speaks to this vibrational reality. At one, or aligned with the power that creates worlds, you are guided above, around, and beyond anything the physical world might present to you, be it death, taxes, or disease.

So, rather than fearing our future, let’s point our sights to a kinder, happier world and create one far beyond what the doomsayers predict. It may take time to come to fruition, but the kind and loving seeds we sow today will grow into a powerful and beautiful reality in the future.

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