Put your hands together and say a prayer!

Palms to palms and fingertips to fingertips! 

Say a prayer today for Lampedusa.

Say a prayer of hope! 💓

Speak from your heart with your greatest faith and love!

Dear Lampedusa I wish you all the healing you need and all hope and goodness for you to carry in every heartbeat, so that love will win!

Please God save and bless all on Lampedusa with your holy heart! 

Dear God you mend all broken hearts and dry every tear.

Dear God you aid all souls over troubled waters and may everyone come safely into harbour.

Dear God thank your for building a bridge of hope wherever it is needed!

Dear God thank your for your dear care and help!

I am so grateful for Gods help, thank you!

Dear God thank your for your dear care and help to end all misery on Lampedusa! May a goodhearted humanity prevail!

God bless you dear Lampedusa!

(Picture borrowed from Google, thank you!)

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