My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have experienced an incredible amount of light these past few weeks flowing to you from your sun.  You are energetic beings, and without exception, this will affect you to varying degrees.
The energy from your sun is a tangible representation of the Divine energy that gives life to all.

Like the source, your sun is self-generating. It constantly emanates its life-giving light, never asking for anything in return. It shines upon you without judgment, condition, or notion of whether or not you feel worthy.And just like that love from Source dear ones, you can choose to receive or block the light. You could live in a dark house with the shutters closed, complaining about darkness, or you could open the door a crack and let the light in. You can live in your world focused on its darkness and thus experience only that, or you could open your heart just a tiny crack to see the love that is available in the tiniest of ways, and suddenly, you would begin to notice it everywhere.

When your sun emits solar flares, it creates movement in your physical energy field. If your energy is flowing smoothly, it receives a “boost.” If you hve stuck energy the light stirs it up and gets is moving. This is why so many are experiencing odd physical symptoms as your bodies feel areas of resistance to the heightened flow. This is why so many souls are leaving the planet suddenly—they decided to surf the current right out of the body and into the heavens! This is why old upsets can reappear if not completely dealt with, and this is why any small movement in the direction of your heart will result in you seeing support appear more quickly.

If you do things you are passionate about, you will feel energized. If you try to make yourself do things you don’t authentically feel like doing in the moment, you’ll feel exhausted. Find a way to feel good about what you have to do, dear ones, so you can accomplish your necessary tasks without falling asleep! 
It is not a good time to push yourselves without mercy. Take small steps towards the things you desire. Gentle momentum will give you more energy. Pushing yourselves will deplete you.

As well as take care of your physical body. Drink your water. Get the minerals that the nervous system needs to function well. Listen to the cravings your body has. It tells you what it needs.

Both the visible and invisible lights are flowing to you in great measure, dear friends. Resistance to loving yourself will be felt more strongly, but the choice to be kind to yourself will feel as if the universe is magnifying your love. You live in exciting times, and the possibilities for creating new realities for yourselves have never been stronger. Listen to your hearts. Get in your own natural flow. In that space you can enjoy these intense times and tap into the love that is there for you, now, always, and forever.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Re: the photo – One of the simple pleasures that is a vibe-raiser for me is gardening… Nothing like sunny yellow baby squash to make you happy!

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