On my bike ride today I ran into a few people who all told me the same thing: they are exhausted. They wondered what was causing it. These are all people who aren’t doing the work we are, and it’s interesting to see them being impacted in the same way. This high-frequency light is creating exhaustion as it remakes us at the cellular level.

This past week has been especially challenging in terms of the fatigue. Saturday, finally, a bit of energy, but the last few days I was only doing the bare minimum. Never fun when you can scarcely get the basics of daily life taken care of, like shopping, cleaning, and food preparation. Mid-week, when I was thinking it was only me, a friend called and said she felt the same way. So it looks like many of us are now being impacted.

What I’m hearing is that it’s good to rest during this intensely physical process of switch-over to a new realm. Some of this exhaustion is because we are releasing heaviness and density. We are releasing all the weight and burdens of the old world that held us down and kept us from knowing we were free. We feel exhausted when we are still in that old world. As we move into more freedom, we will feel more energized.

We will have moments of expansion where we move into the freedom of the new that we are creating.

What’s different now is that we can have moments where we’re transported into the new energy, even briefly. I stopped to pick up a can someone had tossed out of a car. It was at the top of a 6-foot hill on the edge of the road. I climbed up to get it, and then put it in a bag to recycle. As I got back to the road, I suddenly realized I had gone up that steep hill like a gazelle. It was totally effortless, and I was light as a feather. I had a moment of, what just happened? How did it happen? It felt like I’d been in a very different frequency for a short time, where gravity didn’t impact me. It was enlivening and for awhile after that I felt very light and free and unencumbered. Nothing was holding me down. For those wonderful moments, I wasn’t in the heaviness. The density wasn’t weighing on me. This is what is happening now. We are lightening up and we will be moving into more of this energy that feels ever so light. We will have moments of expansion where we move into the freedom of the new that we are creating, until we are just there.

We are releasing the heaviness of the old world as we move into all this light and lightness. And the feeling when we are in that lightness is magnificent.

Moments like those show me how far we have come in this process of evolution into our new selves.

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