A year ago, at the start of 2022, I had a dream in which I was placing “creativity sigils” everywhere—on fences, trees, any available spot. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Mine were shaped like stars. And while I wasn’t sure what the dream meant then, looking back, I feel that I was creating a lot of what happened for me in the past year. I was setting the stage. I think that we are doing so much that we don’t even understand at the time, yet it is work that proves to be important as we move ahead with this process of evolution into our New Earth. We are literally creating all the time in so many ways, each of us, exactly as we are guided, in both our waking and our dreaming time.

It’s sometimes only when we look back that we can see what we’ve done. Thus we know more than we realize, and our higher guidance is assisting us to do what needs to be done all the time.

Now, because we have done so much in the past year and created the beautiful framework for our new experience, we are going to move ahead at a faster pace. Those of us who are ready will be doing this. We are thoroughly done with the old. There is just nothing there anymore that holds much interest. This year, during the holiday season, it was apparent to many of us, and not just me. A few friends told me they didn’t even want to put a Christmas tree up. One friend put theirs up but didn’t put any ornaments on it, only lights. A couple people told me the holiday felt very quiet and even strange to them. I think it’s because we are evolving past what it has been. We’re evolving into a new way of experiencing it. And we’ll know what that is when we get there. We are still in the process.

But as we move into 2023, we will feel the acceleration and see more changes. New Earth has become a reality, and we’re seeing it in many ways.

But as we move into 2023, we will feel the acceleration and see more changes. New Earth has become a reality, and we’re seeing it in many ways.

We are experiencing alignment on a new level. Things we think about are taken care of within moments or minutes. For instance, there was just had a big windstorm here. I had to put my garbage can out on the street for collection the next morning, but didn’t want it to blow over, so I laid it flat. The wind finally died and the next morning I decided to set the can up, and the minute I opened the front door, I saw a neighbor, walking his dog, stop and stand my can up.

These things are happening all the time now, making us aware of how the higher realms work. These realms are designed to be supportive and responsive to our thoughts, because this is how we create. The experience is cohesive but it’s also beyond cohesive because we are in an entirely new framework. When something happens like what I just described, we can feel the energies coming together in a beyond-cohesive way. Our new Self is aware of what is taking place, even if it doesn’t have words to adequately describe it. It’s about the feeling, it’s about the alignment, it’s about the flow of energy. We can feel the New Earth vibe all around us, impacting what is taking place.

I was also shredding some old documents and receipts this week, and I was struck by how utterly and completely the old world has wasted our time and energy. One bill for a monthly utility service was 5 pages of itemized charges and advertising. We’re going to notice more and more now that we’ve been a part of something that hasn’t worked well and has not supported us to be whole and in our full creative power.

So we’re saying goodbye to all that unproductive oldness as we welcome this new year. Let’s get ready to see some change. Honor your role in this, because the further we go on this journey, the more we can see how important we are to all that is taking place.

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