The process of creating the New Earth is individual. Each person is doing it, finding and feeling their way. And as we work on this, day by day, we notice the New Earth that we are creating taking shape. It begins to form around us, and it shows itself in many ways. This includes an abundance of synchronicity and intuitive input, a multitude of magical experiences, renewed creative power and the ability to create what is needed, expanded perception, and increasingly knowing who you are. Discovering and aligning with who you are brings you into your power. This changes our lives, as we become who we are meant to be. We no longer struggle and flounder once we are anchored in our truth, and we can focus on creating, which is our current purpose.

Our entry point is self-healing. In our process of healing, we begin to love ourself and treat ourself with respect. As we do this, we notice the people around us, even complete strangers, treating us this way too. Everything is a reflection of what we are creating inside of us, and this is how our New Earth forms, from the inside out. As we begin to live in peace, peace appears in our world.

We continue to embody the immense energies coming to us from the cosmos.

And we’re doing all this as we continue to embody the immense energies coming to us from the cosmos, energies designed to transform us at the core so that we can soar into our new way of being.

We are currently going thru a huge amount of healing and rejuvenation and saturation of our cells with light. This saturation process can be especially taxing, so it’s important to rest when we can. As each cell returns to holding light, it rediscovers its purpose in the greater plan. Memory is restored and power is returned. We come into balance and alignment with all that is. Our beauty and divinity become visible.

We have reached a remarkable level, where we now hold enough light that others will be impacted by this in a beneficial way, a way that assists their own transformation. People are noticing we are different and they are commenting in a supportive way about this. They are interested. The work we have done has become visible. We are stepping forward in our light. In this next stage we see the transformation beginning in those around us.

We are experiencing moments where we are overcome by love, and it will literally take us over, and we will feel as much love as we possibly can in that moment. Just allow these, as they are your way forward. We are learning to love with our whole being. We are love. This love was suppressed in us in so many ways, and we are now reconnecting with it. Let this beautiful love permeate. Allow yourself to feel all the love that is here as we move even further into the ascension process. Feeling this love, this is us returning home. This is us returning to who we truly are, who we are meant to be. And join with all who are doing this as we unify in our creation of our New Earth.

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