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Dear Ones,

The freedom you now claim is what you hoped for in 3D.

This is a new world, and you are a new being. As a new being, you are free to express and expand your joy. In this new world, knowledge is joy.

Perhaps that last statement appears odd, for how can knowledge equate to joy? This is so because you no longer eliminate that which you did not allow yourself to experience previously. The ability to do this and the knowledge about that. Information that frees you to explore when and where you wish. 

In 3D, you had fences surrounding your knowledge. You could not know this or understand that because you did not permit yourself to ponder anything outside your expected 3D limits. It is time to allow yourself to learn about the new ideas, inventions, music, actions, etc., that will arrive in the next few weeks.

You have finally opened the Universal gate of knowledge while of the Earth.

When you were a child, your parents had secrets you did not understand until you were older—or perhaps never. Knowledge your parents thought was not appropriate for you at that time. Such is what is happening now. The difference is that in 3D, you functioned as both the parent and the child. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, you could have always shifted time, frequencies, dimensions, and energy levels.

Even though you have enhanced some of your innate skills, you are a little different than you have been since creation—other than you are now opening your Earth freedom gates.

You will discover new interests and skills beyond anything you imagined during your 3D Earth lifetimes. And the same will be true for anyone transitioning beyond 3D. Inventions, creations, music, drama, time, travel modes, dimensions, frequencies, and any other word/action you can imagine will be explored. Almost as if a giant box has been opened with gift after gift inside.

You will be amazed at your new skills, as well as the skills of those you may not have noticed before – a new world of everyone exchanging gifts that surprise not only the creator but the recipient.

It is finally sparkle time, with lots of laughter and knowledge sharing. In essence, it is the Renaissance on steroids, incorporating all the expected aspects of Earth’s creativity and the dreamed-of or hoped-for Universal skills—with surprises here and there.

What was is no more, and what is has become magical and mystical far beyond your wildest dreams.

You will no longer be content with what you once considered glorious or exciting, for your new world is one of magic bubbles and fun experiences.

Of course, many of you reading this will pooh-pooh that last thought, for, in your mind, such fun, sparkles, and knowledge are impossible. Your daily responsibilities have little to do with sparkles and much with plodding from one activity or concern to another. How can you possibly exist in a world of fun? Who will pay the bills or care for the children?

Even though your 3D world was likely a daily grind, that world is no more.

We of the Universes are not telling you to sit in your house waiting for the sparkles to appear. Instead, sparkles are all around you unless you refuse to acknowledge that such is true. A tiny flower might be the key to a medical discovery. A dress entices you to expand your social network. A new acquaintance will help you understand your need to explore the Universes. Or new modes of transportation and communication will suddenly appear.

This is a new world, and you are a new being. It is time to begin expecting and exploring the new. You are not in Kansas or even entirely of the Earth anymore. So be it. Amen.

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