I love you, I am Noah, and I am very old.

Things need to be told!

You might have heard many stories about me?

About the boat, the animals and so on?

Some of it is actually true!

But it had to do with something specific, about what becomes the very bottom line, when you really have to make an important choise in your life.

Lets say; When you only have 10 minutes to pack your bag, what will you bring with you?

And you start thinking of items, clothes, money? 

But I think the most important thing is; who do you bring with you?

To reach higher grounds when the rain falls for weeks is of great importance!

The ice melted! That made the water rise, taking away the ground. And then the rain. Making it hard to plant seeds, to harvest later on.

So nothing or close to nothing to eat, you have to make an important decision, to find new safe ground to live on. A new habitat for your beloved family and friends.

The wind helped us. We got wind in our sailes. But it was not an easy journey.

Some did not make it, but most did. And we had more than 10 minutes to make the decisions.

We had meetings about the journey. We planned. We built the boat. And the closer to the day of departure, we stood united. 

Bringing only the important items, and food, water to drink, and of course our dear families. And our animals too.

We knew the boat couldn´t take to much weight.

We had to go ashore with many things and leave them to make the boat lighter.

The whole adventure was leaving the known to set sails for the unknown?

Well it actually was what I and my wife did and all the other families too.

And the most important thing that we actually packed with us was?

Our faith!

We had so much faith, that it created a miracle!

We did find new ground to live on! Where it did not rain and rain.

I am not saying it was all just easy, oh no.

But God guided us, always!

So why, how come faith is so very important?

What do you think?

In your modern language you would say; “-you are plugged in”?

Even though faith is wireless, you still understand me?

Having faith and hope too, means that you have left the door open to God and all good opportunities there are and even more!

So the most important thing to pack or to bring with you apart from your family, is your faith you carry in your heart. 

Your faith is so strong for your heart need not see to believe. 

Your heart is blindfolded and have full faith in mercy and that good things happen to those that set out into the unknown and still mean well.

To trust the guidance of God makes all the difference.

We created a new life, we created a new world and new generations saw the rising sun in the horizon.

We have deep faith in humanity, that is our descendants, just never forget your own faith because it will lift you up like invisible wings when you least expect it. 

Ask me anytime if you have any trouble in finding your own faith, I will guide you together with Faith and God, because they are my best friends!

I love you,


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