I share what I notice and experience as a way for us to move into the new experience that we are creating now. This past week, there was something new, and it’s another of the things that are headed our way after these years of personal work and clearing that we’ve done to prepare and evolve.

Thursday evening (Feb. 21) I suddenly felt a huge energy inside of me, akin to those Incredible Hulk shows. I became filled with immense energy that made it seem like I could do anything. As someone who has dealt with a lot of fatigue in the years of this evolutionary process, it was a remarkable and luxurious feeling. Yet it wasn’t how I wanted to feel late in the evening. So after feeling it for a time, I said, I’d like to have you come back earlier in the day.

And then it was gone.

Prior to this, several times late at night, I have been filled with energy that seemed like I could run for miles. But again, when you’re already tucked in for the night, you don’t want to be called to that kind of action.

Then, a few days later (Sunday, Feb. 25 about 5 pm Pacific time), something else totally new happened. I felt a faucet turn on inside of my physical being and begin to fill my whole being with revitalizing energy. This felt beyond wonderful. It continued for about 10 minutes and made me feel much younger and very vibrant, completely alive and rejuvenated. This continued off and on for the rest of the evening, a little at a time, as if it was just giving me exactly what I needed at the moment. It was unbelievably and remarkably revitalizing. I thought, this is how we will build and create everything we need in the New Earth, because we are going to be revitalized and rejuvenated and restored to our vibrant, healthy selves.

Here’s what I’m hearing about this. We are indeed moving into a time of holding huge energies within, and these are for creating and then doing what is needed to bring our new creations into being. We will have what my team is calling unstoppable energy in order to bring this new experience (our New Earth) into being. Many of us have worked hard and we don’t have a lot of energy to do still more. This is the reason for this energy we are beginning to feel. This boundless energy will be a part of who we are. In 3D we would do things and get tired, rest, and do more things. But just as our external world needed to rely on paid electricity and other ways to create power, we learned to rely on caffeine and sugar as ways to fuel ourselves. Caffeine will not be necessary. In fact, in the last couple of years I have almost completely stopped drinking coffee.

Moving away from caffeine is one of the ways we are evolving, because we will be self-sustaining, living in balance with the enormous cosmic energies that surround us. I know lots of people who can’t imagine being without their morning coffee fix, so you are free to let this evolve naturally. As we do move into this, tho, we will access these greater cosmic energies that our physical systems are now ready to handle.

In astrology, the sun rules the heart.

Right after my experience with the faucet filling my energy system, I heard astrologer Pam Gregory say that the sun rules the heart. The minute I heard that, something clicked. We’ve been working diligently to open our hearts, because most people in 3D learned to close their hearts to protect themselves. And lately, with our hearts being way more open, we are getting all these infusions of energy from the sun via solar flares. It makes sense that the sun can empower and invigorate us thru our open hearts. I’m sure we’ll be learning more about this.

Meanwhile, see if you can tune into this “faucet.” Let me know in the comments if this has or other new things have happened to you.

We’re on the precipice of much change, and you can probably feel that. It’s good to know that we’re being re-energized for this experience.

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