Unusual and unexpected things are happening. We are being carried by streams of potent energy to new shores and we ourselves are new in every moment, finding out who we are as we are remade, restructured and revitalized. Situations are arising and we are responding from our unbounded heart consciousness. We may thus find ourselves responding in fresh ways, knowing we have to come from the heart to support (and protect) our tender burgeoning selves.

We’re going beyond anyone being right or wrong, because the heart consciousness is not about that. This consciousness takes us into a space where we find connection beyond our ideas and judgments about self and others. We move into a new kind of openness and vulnerability and trust. And this is happening in such unforeseen ways, with unexpected catalysts and players. One primary component is respect. Respect is a definite indicator of this space.

New connections are being forged that are alive with light and love.

We are seeing the enormity of what is taking place in these focused moments. I had three of these yesterday that were unexpected and beautiful, and new connections were being forged that were alive with light and love. In each case I was thrust into something brand new and I simply felt my way as both I and the other person were there together. The newness and the aliveness were palpable, and we are holding this developing space as we interact with others, who are finding themselves in it as well. In these spaces we are following our intuitive guidance and discovering where it is taking us. This is all new, and we are learning as we go. Distinct interconnection is being forged in how we relate to others. This feels so new, but as with everything we have encountered so far, we are learning this too.

This is the start of our New Earth connection to others, based on trust, integrity, respect, acceptance, sovereignty and support. The heart-based connections we are forging are living crystalline alignments. No light is extinguished. The light is amplified, and the beauty is evident. We’re sharing the frequency of love.

In this formative period we are in, the high-frequency energy is swirling around us. We are the painter with our palette. We add a touch of violet and some pale orange. We realize we are safe enough to share our truth. Truth is a powerful medium, and we feel our hearts open even more with these experiences. We feel the other person move into this energy with us.

We are in a pristine new place. We have worked hard to get here. With this infusion of high-frequency energy we are in expansive creational frequencies. This is our New Earth taking shape around us, right here, right now, and the pace is picking up.

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