As I sat down to see what the message was, some guidance poured thru. It was unexpected, and yet I have been feeling these pressures all week: pressures to change some longstanding commitments and ideas that no longer serve. For example, I was guided to step down from a committee, dealing with something that I care about, and this was very hard to do. The head of the committee even called to see if I was OK and I had to explain, as best as I could, that I was refocusing my energy to deal with these issues in a different way. Also, I was drawn to be more quiet and inward and solitary. Often we are not certain of why our guidance is what it is, we only find out when we follow it. In fact, we learn to follow it because of its bulls-eye accuracy. So 3 days after stepping down from a 3D commitment, here’s what came thru. And remember, we move into new territory when we release the way we have been.

We are all moving ahead quickly now into more sovereignty and luminosity, into the truth of who we are, the truth that most of us kept hidden in our lives, from our families, from our friends, even from ourselves. This is a pivotal time, and each is being guided by the Light that supports us, the Light that is arriving to take us to the next, even more refined, level of truth and empowerment.

We are all moving ahead quickly now into more sovereignty and luminosity.

Each of us is being asked to honor and support ourselves more than ever before. We have come to the moment of our own truth being shown to us in its fullness. There is no doubting now. We are here. This is who we are. This is why we are here. We are blazing in our full glory and we will all notice this is no longer containable. We are here to soar.

We each experience this in our own way. But these intense frequencies arriving now have this written all over them. The trumpets are sounding. We’re hearing our clarion call. This is calling us to rise up into our own beauty and perfection, into the knowing that we hold, into our sanctity and creatorship. We have prepared and now we step forth to anchor the fullness and robustness of the new time. It is time, and we can feel this in our hearts and souls, in the cells of our lit-up, fired-up beings.

We are here to be who we are and to create the world we came to create, our heaven on earth. We are ready to experience all that that entails, the peace, the happiness, the beauty, the love, the heart-based connection.

As we continue to move thru this transformation, the pressures are increasing to let go of heavy old-world stuff. We are being shown that we can no longer address issues in 3D using 3D methods. The old world is becoming increasingly dysfunctional in many ways and many people are seeing this and asking what’s going on. Sometimes things have to break before they are repaired or replaced, and we are reaching that point. So the message coming thru is, begin to refocus your energies to remove them from what is coming undone. Focus instead on what you want to create. Focus on what you enjoy, on what makes you happy Maintain your center of balance. Keep your vibration high. This last one is requiring that we check in with ourselves during the day to make sure we are staying in a high-vibe place.

I saw an acquaintance in the store who I haven’t seen for a couple of years. She told me she had her hip replaced and then broke her knee, so is in the middle of a long recovery. Like many, she’s struggling to understand what’s going on. She said, and I’m paraphrasing, that in the last two years our social groups have been taken apart and she’s now trying to rebuild hers in order to have community again. I could see how upset she was with what has happened in the last 2 years. And indeed, if we are not creating our new spaces, we will feel that way. It is hard to see our friends and family members struggle or suffer. But it can add fuel to our fire and our resolve to get this done. Because as we do, everyone then has a clear choice—the old path, or the path of heart. It will be clear, because each has to choose to open themselves to love and to truth and to living in a new way. We can’t do that for them, we can only show the way. And light it up very brightly with our own transformation.

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