There’s lots happening now as we move ahead in these new frequencies. You might be noticing deep sleep and maybe even more sleep than normal, as well as unusual dreams that seem to have cosmic input. In these heightened energies, we can experience timeline shifts, where we pop into an alternate timeline briefly, for instance, when we think of family members who are no longer here but for those few moments, they are present, until we realize we’re in another timeline. We orient ourselves by using our power and intention. We choose to be in the new energy so that we can fulfill our creator roles. That new energy is very fluid, however, so we are not contained there except by intention and frequency.

Over the last few years, I’ve been purifying my diet, eating more raw food, especially fruit. As additional information comes to light, we can make new choices with our food. What we were taught about diet growing up was incorrect. We’re designed to be plant-based. Recently, I stopped having sugar. I have done this in the past but this time I did it in support of my Self. I went to a deep place within and said, I am giving up sugar to support my new self. And it was surprisingly easy because of this. I’ve just finished my first month. There were some organic non-dairy ice cream bars in my freezer and I decided that after 1 month I would have one to see what that experience was like. So here’s what happened.

All of our fruits and vegetables contain codes designed to assist us in our lives.

It was not as good as I remembered. My tongue did not have an almost overwhelming sugar rush from it, instead noticing the bitterness of the chocolate coating. The next morning I woke up from a dream where I connected with a shaman who had downloaded a lot of information to share. He was creating sacred geometry to share some of it. When I woke up I was unable to retain much of the dream, but nearly immediately information came thru about food. The dream, I was told, was from the codes in the chocolate. My first thought: that makes sense, as we’ve been told the Olmecs and Mayans used chocolate in ceremonies. What I heard was, all of our fruits and vegetables contain codes designed to assist us in our lives. Processing food scrambles the codes so that we cannot receive them as readily, if at all. Our food is designed to support health in its natural state, which is raw and right off the tree or vine. This is part of the divine plan. This is what we are returning to. The food we are supposed to eat—berries, apples, oranges, melons, bananas and so on—is designed to create wholeness with us and within us.

I was just watching an interview with a functional medicine doctor who now cures everything with diet and herbs. In the past I would watch such videos and make notes about what would help with what but this time, everything that was said, I heard, your body already knows how to take care of this. So as we come into alignment and eat in a way that supports our body, our body in turn keeps everything in balance and operating smoothly. And the fresh/unprocessed food we are eating supports that with its own coding.

There are interesting things happening. You’ll notice how many people are showing up now on the Internet with videos and messages about what’s taking place. The shift is being looked at even by scientists and academics who are experiencing their own awakenings and discoveries. I was watching one video with a professor talking about the fact that everything is plasma. During a few minutes of his presentation, my brain lit up like it was electrified. It was glowing. That was a first, but maybe this will happen to us as we recognize truth. There may only be 5 minutes of truth in an hour-long video, but those 5 minutes will be amazing to experience. Of course, we are already receiving and knowing this information, but the confirmations are lovely. I like seeing those who study what’s taking place discover the truth that we already know. There are huge leaps talking place now as we move forward with increasing momentum and more people seeing and experiencing what’s taking place.

The professor I watched said, plasma can go thru walls. Of course we know that, because this massive influx of cosmic plasma is coming to us and impacting us indoors and out. But when he said that I suddenly had clarity about something I’ve wondered about. When I was a child, I could fly thru my bedroom wall and fly around the neighborhood at night. It was such fun to explore in that way and to see everything from above, like we can see with drones now. We’re being remade, and we’re remembering what we can do. The more that we release the heaviness of the old world, the more we return to the state of lightness. We’ve embodied so much newness now that we are experiencing the new realm that we’ve been dreaming into being. We’re experiencing it because we’ve created it. And we will continue to expand it for all who are ready to join us.

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