I am Mother Mary and I guarantee I love you!

To have a clear vision of love, is essential!

To feel love within your sacred heart is the very foundation to your life on Earth today.

This is not always an easy thing to do.

Because it has to do with all of you!

It is not something you can do once a week while you visit a church, or a monastery or something similar.

It has to do with every breath you take!

Love lives within you!

You are the very vessel of love!

You contain love, but you have to do the connection on your own.

The connection is to the etherical realm and you turn on the switch yourself.

So you just have to love every breath you take!

It is as simple as that!

When you love every breath, something happens!

You bring forth life, from Gods perspective! God works in all of the elements but you notice it most when you pay attention, to the air.

Air fills your lungs. Air and the etheric realm are very close. 

Some say the fish in the ocean do not know about what water is? And why? Is it too close?

It is the same with human beings. Negligence it is!  Don’t you think?

To avoid what is closest? The air, the breathing that keeps you alive?

Well do not worry! 

I love you even more now! 

For once I was there myself! I am no better than you! Everything is a learning process and every step matters don’t you think?

But please! Love your breaths! It is highly important! 

For your sacred heart comes alive when you do so!

Life on Earth is many times a struggle and there are hardships you have to go through so why not take the hand from God, that is reached out to you?

You sense God easier when you talk through your golden heart, your sacred heart.

The connection with God appears when you love and cherish good intentions like loving the air, your breathing.

This is an activation of holy light!

Spirit, is the breathing! The holy spirit is the holy breathing!

And it is free, it does not cost a penny! In fact is is your right, your birthright. Breathing the holy breaths is also actually your obligation towards yourself, and your true faith in the pure highest love.

This is not about big business. This is free information and how you can access the higher realms. True love is free and needs no other guru than yourself.

I love you,

Mother Mary

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