I am Mother Mary and I usually say I am very old, and that is true but that is not so very interesting so instead I say:

Please rise up and be who you are!

I am not talking about ego. Oh no!

I see many of you, and you are sitting down.

When you rise up, you see more!

And now you might think I am joking? 😉

No I mean in a altruistic way and I will explain!

Use your wings!

Yes you have wings and it is high time that you use them.

They are there for YOU! 

You are an angel on Earth, that means that you WORK together with an angel!

It is a co-operation of LOVE!

It is time that you used your wings, and that you love your angel, and that you understand that you are never alone. Never.

When a person says they can se auras, it means they work with a etheric soul, that allows them to see auras.

When a person says they can see into past lives, it means they work togheter with a soul that can do this kind of journeys.

If a person say they can do remote viewing, it means they work together with an spirit guide that allows them to do it.

All these sixth sense abilities are a co-operation, always.

And you have awakened some of your abilities, but yet not all of you have realized that it is time for you to spread your wings.

You all have wings! Try them! Love them! 

They only work with the energy of love and gratefullness, and this is how you will make yourself acquainted with them.

It is time you got to know yourself, in the fifth´s dimension, where you are a collaboration of love.

So look no further dear friends, we await you, and please take your time there is no rush, just be love and remain in love!

I love you

Mother Mary

💓Hallo dear friend! I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from dear Mother Mary. 

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