I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!

I am where you are! I am exactly where you are!

And how is this even possible?

You find me within your heart, your precious heart!

Our hearts are joined!

So you find me when you shop for milk in the grocery store,

or when you walk in the forrest or if you are fighting for your life!

I will never leave you! I promise you!

You don´t have to roll out a red carpet for me, or feel that you have to be a saint to feel our connection, no, I am not judging you in any way.

And there is a way to more easily feel our connection and that is through gratitude!

And even if you for the moment have other feelings I am still with you!

Gratitude is a power of its own! Gratitude is a sanctuary of its own!

Gratitude is a an essential ingredient in the fifth dimension!

If you want to really feel and connect with the fifth dimension, gratitude is of highest importance!

Gratitude lack ego. Gratitude lack greed.

Gratitude is a way of actually living for ever, as there really are no death.

No matter what you feel, I am with you, and I hold you in my arms, I carry you when you are really sad and afraid.

I am waiting for you! And I can wait forever. I am in no rush!

Take your time! When you find gratitude, you will notice me and this moment will be a holy moment that will be grately celebrated!

Always loving you,

Mother Mary

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