Dear friend, I love you very much and today I will speak about:


If your entire life is a show, then imagine that you sit in the theatre, in the salon, at the closest bench row to the stage and there on the stage you see yourself playing the lead role, but after a while you notice something.

You notice that as playing the lead role in your own life, you observe that you don´t really own it, for so much is going on at the stage, you walk here and you walk there, you talk to different characters, you interact with everyone and everyone else has something to say and to do, and you are a really good listener, you understand others, but you do not really step up for yourself?

And the show goes on. This is your life! It is ok! Of course!

Nothing is wrong! Oh no! 

You are now beginning to think as the director of the show, when you suddenly see yourself from this distance, with this new angle.

Well in fact, you ARE THE DIRECTOR of your own life!

You notice that all the others have different colors, and you don´t really have a specific color of your own? What is going on?

As the director you emmediately find that this must change, now!

Ask yourself the question: where did your colors go?

Ask yourself: why do you hide these true colors of yours?

Ask yourself: did anyone in your life or childhood make you hide your own colors?

This exercise is a good way to find out how you inter-act with your own life.

You wrote about this in one of your channelings many years ago, but now, do this exercise once again. What do you see?

Everyone can do this exercise! Check out your own life!

Be a spectator! Be a director! Be a creator!

((A comment from me as the channeler; and I am getting a reminder here! Always greatful for being able to learn more! ;)) 💓🙏

(This exercise actually comes from my channeled book, written in 2014, with Mary Magdalene, on page 47:

Extracts from the book “Path to Faith” Mary Magdalene says: 

“-I can say this, that after all, your life is a school, a theater school and you are on stage in the spotlight. And you take lesson after lesson in various enriching subjects, to make your acting even better…does that sound weird? 

Surely you think so, even if you think it’s outlandish! What does she mean again? Keep calm just calm dear friend. Only you sit in the audience. How about that! And on stage you have all kinds of roles from high to low – from drama to comedy, all combinations.

Which roles do you think you play the most?

When you felt this for a while, you might smile to yourself…! Yes, but that’s how it is! I almost always play a role that is this or that! How strange is this, may be the next thought?

Or is it really that weird?

No, you might be thinking now?

Important questions to ask yourself are: Whose theater is it, who owns it? Who is the theater director? And is the theater in a big city or in a small village? Is the theater located in a friendly country? Or in a country where love is not important? That’s a lot to digest. Undoubtedly. But the stage is YOURS. The life is YOURS.

The stage is your space. Your life. And yet you can watch yourself all the time from a place where the audience would be sitting.

Dear friend, no matter what comes to you doing this exercise, it is your life, love it!

You are loved and you have always been loved,

no matter what is playing out on your stage in your life.

Dear beautiful friend this is very important: this exercise is not about finding anything “wrong” or something that needs to be “corrected” nor is it because “it is not good enough”, but, it is with the deepest, warmest friendly loving, caring gesture, an aid for you to look deeper, to be able to see with clarity, and illuminating the path you walk.

For, your walk is so important, and your shoes are important, for no one else walks in your shoes. The path that you take may feel like a mystery, til one day when you feel that you want to know more, you want to understand your own path on Earth.”

So dear friend, I needed to give you a reminder, just as you thought!😀

You wrote about this over 10 years ago! It is time to do this exercise one more time! 

Both Mary Magdalene and me will guide you if you want to do this exercise, just work exclusively from your heart and with compassion for yourself. 

We love you,

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

(This is me and the book/channeling with Mary Magdalene!)

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