Today I reach out and I find someone to hold the pen and that can also write for me. I am so grateful for the open mind and the open heart that I find.

And it is all explained by the willingness to be open for love.

Nothing is greater than love and it layes within each of everyone of you!

It is about a choise, a magical choise of love, the very way of choosing love. Then you automatically open up for, the love you have inside of you.

The seeds that lay inside of your heart, always awaits your calling, your need for the very same, and all the pieces fall together. 

All the words, all the gestures, all the non-logical ways of the world, and it all inspires you to seek the path of love, because you really find nothing else interesting.

And I did the same thing in my life on Earth! And when you are aligned with the realm of love you find that there is no such thing as the past or the future, only now!

Here and now is a dimension of its own, and in this way and specific dimension you will find it the easiest way of being in love and you will learn about its very core.

So I must state that you are on your way, you are on your way of creating the new world of love, when you yourself desire to be what you are and that is love.

Daya Mata

I am Kerstin Eriksson and I am the channeler of this message from a soul that reached out to me today, Daya Mata. 

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