My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a notion on your earth that you will be happier if you find your purpose. In a way, that is true. However, it is not nearly as difficult as so many of you make it. Your purpose is to love. Your purpose is to find ways to express love so you can feel the invisible love of the Divine flowing through you and becoming tangible in whatever form you choose in your physical world.

Some of you came with very specific ways you wanted to love. For example, some souls, in their very great love for the earth, came because they wanted to express love by helping to clean up the plastic bottles left on the beaches. Some came to express love by caring for a family. Some came with a deep desire to uplift, and others came to explore love in ways you might think are so loving. Nonetheless, they learn by the contrast their choices provide and hopefully learn to love more deeply than ever before.

Some of you did not come to earth with one specific way you wanted to love. Many of you came in with what we’ll call “travel plans” — ideas about people you wanted to meet and things you wanted to do, but also with a healthy sense of spontaneity. “I’ll figure it out as I go,” you told yourself, and so we constantly guide you in the direction of greatest ease and joy towards whatever you choose to create.

No matter what you did or didn’t choose before birth, each of you exists in the present moment. No matter what you decided before birth, you have the right and ability to decide, in each moment, where to aim your love. You may have come to the earth intending to clean up the plastic bottles, but you fall in love with someone from a different country and redirect your love. You hold hands on the beach, appreciate the waves and the clouds, and in that moment, you emanate love for the planet and your spouse. Suddenly, you get the idea to travel and blog so you can share this beautiful planet with others. Your love for the planet still exists. You have simply chosen to express it differently than originally planned. You are still living and loving with purpose.

You may have come to express your love for a family, but once the “empty nest” presents itself, you will have to find new ways to aim that love—perhaps towards a hobby, work, or a charitable cause. Perhaps you’ll grant yourself the love you gave so freely to your family and choose to embrace your own dreams and desires. You are still living and loving!, with purpose.

Our point here is that, rather than worrying about discovering or living your purpose, choose to love on purpose. Love is the greatest purpose of all, and when you are truly in a moment of flowing love, you will feel aligned with your beautiful spirit, clear on your next step, and in a natural and harmonious flow of life.

When you wash a dish after dinner, you can choose to love on purpose. You can love the dish, the people who grew and delivered the food you just ate, the water running over your hands, or the dishwasher that will do the work for you.

When you get up in the morning, you can start your day in a wonderful way by loving on purpose. You can love your bed, your sheets, and the temperature of the room around you. You can love the first breath of air you take and the feel of it empowering the life within you. You can place your feet upon the floor and love the connection you feel between you and the earth below.

When you see something that deeply bothers you, you can love on purpose—not the thing that bothers you, but the thing you’d rather see.When you witness the horrors of something like child trafficking, you immediately choose to love on purpose. Send love to those children. Imagine embracing them with a light so powerful they cannot feel the pain. Love the living saints who are rescuing them and the hearts who are caring for them. Dear ones, love on purpose and you become light for the world.

It is easy to fear, worry, and hate. Most of you have witnessed plenty of that. Nonetheless, love is the feeling native to the soul. As you allow yourself to love on purpose, you will find it becomes much easier than fear, worry, and hate and much more pleasant. Loving on purpose will help you feel like your true self and lead you to a life that is passionate, joyful, healthy, healing, and uplifting. You were born lovers dear ones, and your greatest purpose of all is to love. As you love on purpose, other purposeful and delightful ideas will arise from within.

Love is the invisible force that is the basis of all creation. You are that. You can tap into it, aim it, and watch it ripple into the universe in glorious ways. If you watch the clouds with appreciation you will feel your body relax, and your mood improve. Perhaps as a result, later in the day, a kind word or two will escape your lips and uplift someone in need. If you love your pillow and blanket and a mid-afternoon nap, you may not think of that as purposeful, but how wonderful that you are putting the vibration of peace and relaxation into a world so dearly in need of such qualities. You will awaken refreshed, ready to get on with your day, and open to receiving greater guidance. There is purpose in any loving thought, word, or deed, even if you cannot imagine it in the moment.

Don’t worry so much about discovering your “purpose,” dear ones. There are so many ways that you can express your love, and all of them have a purpose. As you choose, repeatedly, to love on purpose, you will discover, live, and express your greatest purpose of all. And, at the end of your life, you will know that all you did, all you built, all you gathered, and all you learned was for one purpose only — to find, feel, and express love.

If you have done that in any way — and each one of you reading this has, millions of times already this lifetime — you have not lived in vain.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

PS – the image is a result of loving on purpose! I love my garden and it always loves me back!

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