“All Hail the Kale!” has been a fun phrase I use, especially to tease those who aren’t as enamored with the green kingdom as I am. I could easily have been a goat, given the fact that I love to munch on nearly anything edible with leaves! So when a kale plant of mine persisted after our brutally hot summer, I gave the little guy a lot of love.

Last September, my dear little kale plant had one central stalk and only a few leaves. I carefully picked the precious crop, thanked my tenacious little friend, gave him lots of light, and blessed the entire kale kingdom as I ate my salad with love! A month later, after a few more one-salad harvests, I tucked him and several other plants away for the winter under frames covered with frost cloth—a thin cloth that protected plants from damaging winter frosts, rain, winds, and other inclement weather. Clipped tightly to the frames, it provided a little tent-like greenhouse for my green “kids,” hopefully keeping them safe until Spring.

Last week, Spring sprung around here and I had to peek under the tents. I was in awe of the bounty I discovered! My beloved little kale had grown to a two-and-a-half-foot plant with leaves the size of my head! To my astonishment, baby leaves grew straight out of the big leaves, not just from the stems. I’ve never seen anything like it! I took photos, thanked the not-so-little guy, and promptly went about processing the harvest. I had conveniently forgotten to order my greens during a grocery order earlier that day, so this was just perfect.

Peeking at the rest of the plants was equally amazing. My tomato plant had died but left me one perfect red tomato hanging on a little brown stem. The parsley was reaching for the sky (can we say tabbouleh?), the chives showcased gorgeous violet-colored puffball flowers, and the thyme was going nuts! Miss Eggplant, now in her fourth year, survived, and the sweet potatoes were starting to sprout from under the cardboard I laid over the patch to give it a rest.

The angels weren’t kidding. What you love grows, and in my case, grows and grows and grows!

When I want to create anything in my life, I love it the way I love my garden. I love the idea of what I want. I love anticipating watching it grow. I love the knowing that the universe is always “on it” for each and every one of us.

I loved the thought of my taxes being done and now they are. I loved my car before I bought it 25 years ago and to this day I love it so much that it still drives like a dream. Years ago when feeling alone, I refocused. I loved the idea of evolved friends who manage their own lives and have their own interests. I loved the idea of people I could get together with, and celebrate our successes while lifting each other in tough times. Now they are in my life.

I loved the well-being of a family member who came close to dying last year. Now, they are steadily improving. Every time I’ve messed up my body, loving the idea of being healed and whole once again facilitated all sorts of miracles.

One year, I had a broken foot and loved the daydreams of hiking along the creek so much that cattails mysteriously appeared and grew in my desert garden. I have no reasonable explanation.I’m currently loving the idea of a cooperative partnership between AI and humanity to support that future, and I love the peace, harmony, and cooperation I see with good people everywhere to empower more of that.

A friend and I used to get together every Friday night to manifest. We’d think of something we wanted to create and find little ways to love its qualities in our present lives. If we wanted more money, we’d love every dime we made. My friend wanted a new car, so she found ways to nurture and love her old one. We’d brainstorm ways to love the little things in our life that were vibrational matches to what we wanted to create, and then we’d actively practice loving those things or thoughts all week long. It was a ton of fun and good practice tuning. We manifested a lot that summer.

We can fret about a physical condition or love what we will do when healed. I once met a woman at a conference with fatal cancer. She wanted to live. The angels asked her through me what she planned to do when she healed. She had never considered the thought. She had been going through life on cruise control, serving everyone else and never thinking about her own heart. She didn’t know. “What frustrates you most?” they asked her. “The fact that we Jewish Mothers never learned to take care of ourselves!” was what came out of her mouth, to her surprise. She had never really let her heart speak so clearly.

“So how can that become a passion project when you’ve healed?” the angels persisted. The lightbulbs started going off within her. Her face lit up. Her expression became animated. “If I can really heal this, I’m going to take care of myself and teach others to do the same. I could speak. I can start a blog. She was on fire! Another angel channel and I suddenly put our hands up and around her, and the energy poured through to her and she loved the idea of life and empowerment beyond illness. She healed. Her love saved her life.

Love even resurrected my dog, who was in the throes of the death process late one Christmas Eve. Lucy, the labrador, had been quite a character. Toward the end of her life, she had trouble walking and fell often. She had doggie dementia on and off, and we often found her staring in corners or suddenly falling. It was hard for me to watch, but she didn’t want to leave, so I honored her choice. On Christmas Eve, she spent time with her favorite fan club – girlfriends of mine who adored her and spoiled her in every way.

Within hours of the girls going home, I found Lucy on the floor in the throes of the death twitches that can happen as she worked to release her spirit from her body. I gently placed my hands on her, lightly, and chanted mantras to the Divine Mother, asking for safe, easy passage. I felt all my heart and love and the love of God flowing through my body and my hands as I helped to do what I thought would be releasing her spirit.

Instead, she stopped twitching and, after days of confusion, looked at me with complete clarity, smiled her biggest doggie smile, and fell asleep snoring peacefully. She lived in perfect health and clarity for the next four months. I called her the “Crypt kicker!” I’ve never seen anyone resurrect like that in the middle of the process of dying. She lived for the love.

So whether you’re growing giant tenacious kale or facilitating life, love is the power that powers creation, and where you aim it, you will see growth, change, manifestation, and even the occasional miracle.

Here are a few ways you can practice “aiming” love to start proving to yourself how well this process works:

1.  Love what is already good

It is easy to tune into love when you like something, someone, or some situation in front of you. Look for these opportunities.

Love the feel of water running over your hands when you wash them. Love the smell of your soap in the shower (or get new soap!). Love the food you eat. Love your bed. Love your family, good friends, and animals. Love nature.

Love whatever you can, whenever you can, very deliberately pausing to feel the love you have for a thousand little things in life. As you do so, feel the actual feelings and physical sensations that accompany love. See if you can memorize them and call up the memory occasionally. See if you can feel “in love” for no reason.

The more you do this, the more you practice “dialing in” to the creative power in the universe. You’ll get more of what you’re loving too—in my case kale!

2. Pick Something Random to Love that you’d like to see

Pick something small and random to love, preferably something you don’t care if you have or don’t. It can be a type of flower, a rainbow, butterflies, a certain type of person, an answer to something you’re just curious about, etc.

Now, spend five minutes loving the thought of it. If you picked rainbows, imagine that fresh, glorious feeling of damp, clean earth as the sun bursts beneath the clouds and radiantly illuminates the blackness. Think of the rainbow forming and your excitement at seeing it. Maybe there’s a double rainbow? Maybe it lasts a long time. Maybe the end of it falls on your own house. Let your mind run wild with fun-loving thoughts.

If you want an answer to a question, imagine the beautiful feeling of understanding. Imagine that the answer comes in a really fun way, perhaps in a kind interaction with a total stranger. Imagine the feeling of seeing firsthand how coordinated the universe is. Use your imagination and love what you have not yet experienced.

If you picked a random object you’d like, think of why you’d love to have it. I once wanted an embossing machine, but I didn’t want to pay that much. So I watched embossing videos and drooled over the beautiful raised papers and scrolls. I thought of the fun cards I could make and the satisfying feeling of putting in cardstock and getting art out the other side. I enjoyed my thoughts, let it go, and it came to me for $8, brand new in a second-hand store, a few months later.

Love creates a magnetic field between you and the object of your love. Give it a try. Note what you focused on, love it with all your heart, and feel that good feeling as you think of it. Milk the thought for all it’s worth, then let it go. See what shows up.

3. Love the good qualities of a situation or person that is a “mixed bag.”

Everyone and everything you encounter will have good and not-so-great qualities in some proportion. The ones we love easily have a high percentage of desirable qualities and the ones we can’t stand have a high percentage of the other. Obviously, when given the choice, it makes sense to be around the people with a higher mix of the qualities you enjoy. We’re allowed to have our preferences.

However, there are times in life when you must be around someone whose undesirable qualities seem to overshadow the good. Your true power here is love. What can you find to love about the challenging person or situation? Don’t make it up. Dig for it. Ask your angels for help. Then, focus on it with everything in you as if you are shining a light on the goodness.

I was once in line at a store where the woman before me was berating the poor young checkout clerk. The young lady was very kind, but the woman wanted her way, and her embarrassing tantrum was aimed at the innocent clerk. I wasn’t too happy watching this, but the angels got in my head and said firmly, “Look for something to appreciate in this woman.” My first, very human thought was, “You must be joking. She’s nasty.” The angels weren’t kidding, so I looked and looked again.

I noticed laugh lines at the corners of her mouth. She must have a sense of humor, I thought. I focused all my heart on the thought, “At least you have a good sense of humor.” I started to feel her miserable childhood with my psychic senses and her ability to laugh at the tough times. I loved the human spirit that enabled her to triumph over hardship when she suddenly stopped complaining, threw her hands up, laughed, and said something about having a sense of humor. My jaw nearly hit the floor. I had never witnessed the power of love’s influence quite as clearly at the time. It was a game-changer for me. It became a loving game for me to see what I could love about unpleasant people and how that affected the situation. It didn’t always inspire change in the other, but I always felt better.

As the angels say, “If there was bad food on the buffet, you wouldn’t stand in front of it complaining. Hopefully, you’d move on and fill your plate with good food!” We can do that in life by looking for the good even when it isn’t easy in this buffet of life. It will nourish you a lot more than focusing on the bad 🙂

Complaints, even when justified, don’t get us what we want. They don’t solve anything. However, when we aim our thoughts and feelings on what we can love, real or not yet here, we empower it with the force and energy that creates worlds.

So this year, rather than worrying about which politician can do what in the world, empower the values you want to see in the world by loving them and the people you see living them.

Rather than bickering over what party should win or lose, empower the values of the party you love with your love.

Rather than worrying about whether AI will take over the world, I love the idea of a harmonious evolution of technology and a deeper desire for human connection.

It does take practicing a new habit to do this, but the quality of life you will experience increases, your health improves, your flow becomes easier, and you become a beautiful influence for positive change. And if you like gardening, as I do, you might just grow the craziest kale crop of your life!

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