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Dear Ones,

It’s time to celebrate your new being. Even though there might be a few obstacles to your happiness, those obstacles will rapidly fall by the wayside. You now have a comfortable trajectory to your personal freedom and joy.

There will be times when your concerns might seem overwhelming or frightening. But those times will be far fewer and less threatening than has been true in this life or any other earth life.

This is the life you hoped and prayed for. This is where terrible events shift into minor irritations – perhaps not immediately, but more rapidly than you now imagine.

Yesterday was blanketed in fear. Your earth fears will now be minimal. More like stubbing your toe than breaking your leg.

You have entered a new world of being.

Perhaps you will have difficulties labeling this new life because it is not enmeshed in fear or angst; it merely is. And even though you will probably try to be who you once were for a few more days or weeks, that being is no longer part of your life.

So, you will whine and cry initially because your world is falling apart. Only to dry your tears and open your eyes to what is instead of what was. Your 3D life of pain and fear is over.

You will not fall but become buoyant, knowing deep within that it is over. What once was acceptable is no longer. And what was once fearful is no more.

It is over.

Again, some of you will attempt to hold on to your fears longer. Not because you enjoy being fearful but because that is the earth life you have always known. Being afraid of what could happen instead of what is happening.

Let go. Allow yourself to breathe the fresh air of this new world and your new life.

You have fought yourself and others. You have experienced unimaginable pain. You have saved others from their fears. But it is now over.

Welcome your new being into your life as soon as you are able. Some of you wish to hang onto what was just a bit longer. Similar to hoping someone you love never transitions from earth, even though both you and they know it is time for them to do so. Release your 3D self. It is time for you to shift into your dreams of peace and joy while of the earth in this lifetime.

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