Know Yourself as the Christ Consciousness ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

It is accurate in a sense to say that you are there on Earth, and it is also inaccurate to a large extent. You are so much more than the physical body that you use as a vehicle for a journey there on Earth, and it is but a small fraction of who and what you really are that is stationed there on Earth to have those earthly experiences that you do. If you think of us as being in a far, far off place, somewhat inaccessible to you, then you make the journey to our consciousness more challenging than it needs to be.

We are just as much with you in every moment of your physical experiences there on Earth as we are when you are dwelling amongst us in our dimension. We invite you to feel for the lack of separation that exists between that which we are and that which you are right now. And when you feel those walls coming down and you align with our vibration, it then becomes much easier for you to align with one of your fellow human beings. You want to also bring down those walls and feel the connection that you have to your fellow humans, and you want to do that because it serves you to. 

It is a part of your spiritual evolution to tear down the walls and to open up in a state of oneness to all that is around you. It is important to see yourself as more than just a physical body or a name with a personality. It is so important for you to trust that you will be safe and secure in your lack of boundaries, your lack of walls and barriers, but it is easier for you to start that process with those like us that you do trust. It is easier for you to start that process with your guides, with your galactic team, with the archangels, with anyone and everyone that you want to become one with, and it all starts by you simply no longer seeing yourself as separate from us, as distant from us, as a part from us in any way.

We are together with you right now, dwelling within the cells of your body, and we invite you to our energy. We invite you to the party of higher-dimensional consciousness. We know that as you accept the invitation, you rise up in that moment and you become closer to your higher self. You become closer to Source. We simply want to change the way you view yourselves, your world, and the others with which you share that world, and we all want to help you do that. 

We are inviting you to that experience and inviting you to our realm so that you can feel how good it does feel to be connected to more of who you really are as a Source Energy Being. It is ultimately what everyone wants, no matter what it is they think they want, and we offer you this suggestion. See yourselves as expanding right now, and expanding up and out to include more of Source Energy in your sense of self and in your physical being-ness, and you will know yourself as being one with the Christ consciousness. 

You will see yourself as being more whole and more complete, and we know that you can get that feeling through other experiences there on Earth, and that you will seek those experiences out, and those experiences are also lovely. They are perfect as they are. Couple those experiences with the expansion of yourself into a higher nonphysical energy, and you will enhance those experiences that you seek out in this life. We guarantee it. We have seen it, and many of us in this collective have done it, and so we can speak from experience that there is so much beauty in merging the nonphysical and the higher dimensional with the physical and with the experiences that you have available to you on Earth right now.

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”

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