I can’t believe I missed seeing the aurora last Friday night. I was inside working late while the sky all over Arizona was putting on a glorious show of heart pink, and soul purple. Had I known ahead of time, the emails would have waited, and I would have been in the car to drive up north before dinner just to catch the show. However, I missed it till I saw the pictures the next day. I told the sun I wanted a do-over!

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, hoping to glimpse of the auroraI, I laid down on a chair in my backyard, wrapped myself in blankets, propped my head up with a soft pillow, and watched the night sky. I didn’t see much, but oh! The feeling was bliss beyond words. The air was still and cool. The stars were twinkling, and next door, the neighbor’s teenager was having quite a party with laughter, conversation, and even a splash or two as someone got thrown in the pool. The glorious silence of nature combined with the pure joy of these kids and the energy I was feeling from the latest download from our sun sent me into a state of pure gratitude for life. From 1:30 to 3am, I laid quietly, staring at the night sky, hearing the joy of those kids, and melting into all of it. I was so buzzed when I went to bed that it was hard to sleep.

The next day, I had so much energy I ticked more off the to-do list than I had in ages. My little plants are now staked up and in the summertime tents. I have a tomato starting to give me little treasures, and my pepper plant, now four years old, is still cranking out golf ball-sized delights. The zucchini who love their new location are more generous than they’ve ever been. It all feels magical.

As long as I’m doing things I love, I have a ton of energy, but the minute I try to make myself do something without finding a good feeling reason, I am exhausted. I tried to force myself to do the newsletter earlier in the week. Instead, I really wanted to make ” dad joke” t-shirts for Father’s day in my Etsy shop! I fell asleep sitting upright till I surrendered to the creative craving and then I was up half the night again without noticing the time.

I tried to make myself do the newsletter again the next day. Still no-go!  Instead, my mind wandered to thinking about how I wanted to create another Etsy shop selling digital download papers for junk journals (another creative passion!) As I reveled in the idea and wondered how I’d begin, ding! An email came in, offering a tutorial on the very subject. In awe of spirit’s timing, I signed up and binge-watched the whole tutorial. Suddenly, I was inspired to write the newsletter.

When I surrender to my heart, life, and miracles flow. When I fight myself, I may as well try to roll a steel ball uphill!

The sun did do a do-over on Thursday!.This time, however, the outburst fof light is headed toward Mars, which is now expecting auroras. I thought it interesting that the planet symbolizing aggression and war is being bombarded with light! Prayers are being answered.

I love this energy. I have been sitting, breathing, receiving, and letting it flow through me. You can do this too.  Whether you feel it or not, your intention to receive love can create great movement in your life

Here are a few pointers to help you enjoy these waves:

1.  Surrender to your heart and let yourself enjoy it!

No matter how silly something seems, if it feels appealing, grant yourself grace and let your heart guide you.  You’ll end up with more energy, being more productive, and, of course, be happier and healthier.

If you fel tlike sleeping for a week, and could, you’d end up with a burst of health and well-being sufficient to make up for your time off—as long as you revel in the rest rather than beating yourself up or judging yourself.

This is a point often missed. Surrendering to your heart is a two-fold process.  1) Do what you feel inspired to do in a given moment, and 1) enjoy it without judgment.  People tell me all the time, “I am doing all these things to love myself. Why isn’t life changing?” The answer is, as always, vibration. What we do matters less than the energy we do it with. Often, the actions are right, but the vibration isn’t quite yet there. We have to not only listen to the heart but allow ourselves to enjoy its guidance.

So if you feel like napping, luxuriate in a good nap. If you feel like spending a little enjoy it! If you feel like a glass of wine, sip sweetly. You’ll elevate your vibration and be more open to our guidance when you’re truly happy!

2. Stop worrying about what others think of you

We all learned to validate our worth and existence based on what others think of us. But the truth is we’re already worthy. The sun shines on us without condition. God loves us without condition. The angels have told me repeatedly that the concept of unworthiness has no meaning in the heavens. We’re all worthy of love.

While we all want to be liked, our hearts want people to like us for who we genuinely are. So, as the angels say, if you want the world to see you (and love you), be you. You will lose the people who need you to please them, and you’ll attract the ones who love you for who you are.

Don’t go against your own heart to please another. That is pacifing their ego while ignoring the Divine within.

3. Soak it up

It is a good time to sit quietly, even a few minutes a day, think about something pleasnt, or quiet your mind, and intend to receive the immense love that is there for us. Even a few short minutes a day of such openness can start to allow much good into your life. Spirit doesn’t need all the time in the world. When we surrender to being tuned to our own comfort, joy, and love, we vibrate with the power that creates universes. It feels good, recharges your batteries, recalibrates your physical body, and opens you to guidance.

I know there are a lot of challenges this year. It is hard not to feel deeply these days. We are all noticing a lot more clearly when we’re in flow and when we’re stuck on an old feeling, an old story, or an old vibration. Flow feels fantastic. Stuck feels exhausting.

The good news is that getting unstuck is a simple matter of tuning into something that raises your vibe. Anything will do as long as it feels better or soothes you. In only a few seconds, you can attune once again to the healing, enlivening flow of energy from both our Star and our Source.

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