Blessed Being, the density of life on Earth is at a turning point of a season of Life.

Just as a season changes, it is back and forth for a time. Not truly an end or a beginning, merely moments of maybe.

You are bending a long cycle that turns through terrain unknown.

Yet its core is the subtle self connecting separation.

Righting Duality

Separation is a natural aspect of your density. Your physicality is the mechanism of this experience that blends separation into connection.

The physicality experiences through separation that observes, analyzes and experiences:

It is the potential of the subtle that connects.

This begins with understanding and continues with the effort of infinite learning.

As a Lightworker, you learn the structure and access of the infinite subtle and bridge that into human density.

Infinite contains both right and left, right and wrong.

Physicality merely separates the experience of the two. You connect them into one.

Right Alignment is your opportunity to perceive both, to become One.

The duality does not divide, it deepens the information just as your eyes do if you allow two perspectives to become one.

You do not have to agree, only allow to be.

Life naturally aligns with Love through Time.

Infinite Alignment

The universe moves through you. You move the universe into Earth density.

As you allow, you open to the natural flow. You then direct your unique perspective into new creation.

We call you to shape your Earth in Love’s vision, each facet glistening with Light.

What Loves, amplifies Love.

What harms, calls forth harmony.

As you observe, seek to perceive Love’s call.

As you analyze, seek to perceive Love’s potential.

As you experience, seek to proliferate Love. If not in the moment, then the maybe.

For as you allow potential to reside within, Right Alignment attunes to the infinite flow.

That flow is the unconditional of Love.

Love Boldly

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