Blessed Beings, you rest on precipice, so rest well.

It is a moment in time that stretches and flexes, but the movement is constant.

As you rest, you reset. Though your eyes don’t easily see it. Each moment is new and continued through you.

To perceive the potentials, let your integration breathe.

Life will always speak to you through your impulses when you breathe potential in.

Integrating Movement

This is not a time of pure rest, for there is much changing.

It is a time of the tipping point pausing in mid-air as the gravity of life continues its natural flow.

It is you, dear Light, that holds the breath of potential woven with Love’s core.

It is you, dear Light, the knows that integration is bridging the Dove’s floor.

Rest well, sweet Light.

There is always more.

It is your Love that integrates Life’s core.

Love Boldly

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