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Dear Ones,

How many recent activities produced joy in your heart? If you remember only one or two instances in the past week, it is time to re-evaluate your life and reactions.

What makes you smile, laugh, or, most importantly, experience joy?

Joy is your new trajectory, your primary goal.

Perhaps you envision joy sometime in the future – a vacation, party, new job, or relationship. Or, maybe you cannot imagine any joy. That lack of joy is a holdover from your 3D life.

Even though the world likely feels chaotic and harsh, you do not need to alter your joy because someone thousands of miles away is suffering. Perhaps that last thought seems wrong, especially in this new Earth of love. But limiting your happiness to save the world is no different than your mother insisting you eat your vegetables because someone in China does not have vegetables to eat.

That does not mean you must ignore others in pain; instead, it indicates that you know they are in pain and that the most rapid method of reducing or eliminating that pain is for you to move into joy – counterintuitive to 3D.

It is time to react differently than ever before while on Earth. Joy is contagious as much as any disease. It is time for you to experience and share joy with anyone who wishes to do so. Perhaps you question that last thought because you believe you must commiserate with those in pain even if you do not know them.

As you learn to create your life of joy, you teach all who wish to do the same. This is a new Earth-life perspective. You cannot make anyone feel joyful, but you can express the possibility of joy despite issues that are not yet perfect in your mind.

Perhaps an easier way of expressing this new joy is to remind yourself that if you genuinely smile and laugh, others are more likely to follow suit. And if you are grumpy or sad, others will probably avoid you—not because you are terrible but because each being has unique issues to address.

It is time to negate attempts to lift up others on your terms – or perhaps a better phrase is caretake others. You cannot caretake anyone, much less groups of beings. You can offer solutions, but it is their onus to accept them.

You helped shift Earth beyond 3D, but that is no longer your role. Your current and ongoing role is to find your joy, not your uncle’s, friend’s, or neighbor’s. If your joy makes others happy, you have created a marvelous pathway for others to claim if they wish. And if your joy makes others jealous, sad, or mad, that is not your issue.

Your only concern is finding those pieces that give you joy. And the more rapidly you claim those pieces, the more rapidly Earth beings will shift from fear to joy.

There is no need to caretake, hold your joy in reserve, or otherwise pander to those who are not comfortable. Even if you try to improve their lives, such is impossible, for each being needs to select the correct elements. If you try to do so, you will move off your joy path into their fears and angst.

Stand tall and proud, knowing you are seeking joy despite all that seems counterintuitive. All Earth beings can do the same if they choose. Your begging, pleading, holding, or pushing will not help them create their path—and you will lose yours.

Hold your head high, knowing you are creating bubbles of joy here, there, and everywhere. So be it. Amen.

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