Blessed Beings, as you interact with linear time, the sense of permanency or limitation can override the perception of Freedom.

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Perfect Freedom

Indeed, you are not completely free in the physical realm. The universal laws of your density interaction and your co-creation with life limit your capability.

Yet they are also the perfect structure within which to evolve.

Your Freedom is truly an inner realm experience because your subtle bridge is not bound by physical rules.

It operates within them, but is not bound by them.

Inner Freedom

Your interaction with the physical realm and its rules is constant. Your senses are perceiving the world around you and readjusting given the moment-by-moment information.

It can be as physically obvious as  sensing temperature and responding or sending signals of action.

It can be as subjective or unconscious as sensing emotional, mental or physical resonance to a past experience, whether this lifetime or not.

These resonance experiences surface and interactions occur because of them. The physical body responds from the mental and emotional cues, whether conscious or not.

Your body is constantly sensing, receiving and reacting.

Your inner Freedom is your conscious reaction and focus. This begins as soon as the deeper data surfaces into your experience. What are you sensing? Do you feel comfortable, safe, excited?

Allow your conscious to bring your past into your present as the body shows you what to amplify or rectify.

Amplify your creative excitement.

Rectify the lack into new potential.

Allow your conscious to direct your future as the discomfort is met with open arms of knowing and nurturing.

Be in the present and the future readjusts.

Allow your internal Freedom to swirl into new form.

External Freedom

What has built within the invisible is not seen, yet it is expected. Not in full detail, but in understanding of the flow of the past.

You are weaving in the understanding of how subtle realm rules work within the physical, the linearity of Time.

This bridges the conscious to the unconscious as you direct your energy toward a new future. You do this by merely being deeply in the present experience and nurturing the unknown of change.

What has arisen in the present is the perfect tension. It is the perfect relaxing. It is the perfect changing.

Your internal Freedom meets the external. Information waves and weaves. Limitations interact as water meets rock, but through the process of time change occurs.

You blend the dense and the free as your consciousness shifts what was to what can be.

You don’t control it, you allow it to show you how conscious focus; where subtle and physical overlap, reshapes Time.

That is your gift to life, to let your subtle self touch physical density. Knowing that all is well as you breathe deeply of your divine creativity, exhaling new potential.

Life responds.

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