We are increasingly moving into intuitive living, where we are following the internal guidance that rises up very naturally from within. We are letting this guidance move us thru our day, with prompts and prods and messages and feelings. We are seeing the beauty of this innate structure, which most of us were never encouraged to use in our earlier lives. We are finding that when we do this, we step into the harmonics of a natural existence, where we are tuned into what’s happening and what’s next. It’s uncomplicated and free of most of the stress of trying to navigate all the challenges of our outer world, because we are flowing on what feel like streams of supportive energy. And when we add that intuitive part to our creative focus, we’re experiencing New Earth. And we’re encountering the ease and magic of creating in that enlivened space.

Of late, in these high-frequency energies, this is happening often. We are feeling the supportive energies carrying us, and this can make us feel very light as we navigate doing errands and such.

This week I noticed one section of my tall wood fence had separated and was leaning into my new neighbor’s yard. This is their second home; they sometimes come on weekends. I saw him in his driveway and asked if it was OK for someone to come into his yard to do the repair. He said sure and then turned to greet his grandchildren, who were arriving. I left for a short bike ride. When I got home, I discovered the fence was fine. The neighbor had neatly repaired it.

It briefly scrambled my brain, because I’d prepared a mental list of what to do and who to call. And then I thought, imagine when everything is this easy, when we are scarcely involved in maintaining things, which took a lot of time in the old world.

This week, I experienced another aspect of intuitive living, when suddenly, not by plan, I found myself dropped into intuitive driving. (Here’s my advice: don’t force this, but if it happens, just relax. In the interest of safety, allow this to arise naturally.) I was told that this was happening at the same moment that it started and it caught me off-guard. I had one second of being unnerved. But I have learned to trust my guidance and to go with it, so I went with this too, all the while paying close attention to the road and the other drivers.

Now it’s not easy to describe how this felt, other than it was yet a deeper layer of trust and connection. We continue to experience deeper layers of this whole process to show us our connection and the design of our interconnection with all things.

We continue to experience deeper layers of this whole process to show us our connection and the design of our interconnection with all things.

We are designed to dance with everything. In other words, our new world is set up to interact in a beautifully orchestrated way, where we are simply moving with all of it, immersed in the heart consciousness and trusting our abilities and our powers. And as we give up our need to control and our reliance on our mind to figure everything out, we make space for this deeper connection. It begins to be a part of who we are.

This is our greater connection to our divinity, where we are creating our world. This is us, moving into our God Self, aligned with our inherent holiness. This is a major realignment and moves us into our New Earth.

Intuitive driving feels a bit like the carnival cars where you’re turning the steering wheel, but the car is on a track that determines where it goes. It will take some getting used to. I wasn’t given a head’s up on this and I’m not a fan of self-driving cars, but now I see why they were developed, as the technology in the outer world often goes with the powers we ourselves are developing. I’m wondering what’s next, and hoping it’s mini-cars that fly powered by free energy. Keep dreaming in our New Earth, everyone. It continues, by the day, to get more interesting.

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