How to Work with the Violet Flame ∞St. Germain, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“I am St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame. 

This is an introduction to my energy and my essence. I am most associated with the violet flame, and I would like to help all of you understand that the violet flame is you. It is within you; it is all around you. It is the way that you connect to the highest frequency energies that you have available to you. You are meant to recognize that everything and every tool that you have available to you is an aspect of you, and the violet flame is an aspect that  assists you in whatever way that you would like it to assist you.

Therefore, you can use it to cleanse, to manifest, to heal, to connect, to access higher-frequency beings and collectives. It is up to you how you use this level of your consciousness, this vibration that you have available to you at all times. Even if you have a hard time visualizing a violet flame, you can still imagine that you are engulfed in a violet flame or that a violet flame exists around you to serve you, and to assist you in all the way that its vibration can. 

You are meant to work with vibration. You are meant to work with energy. You are meant to see everything as energy that contains vibration, and when you reach for the highest vibration that you have available to you, that’s when you get the highest results. That’s when you are tapped in to the highest version of yourself that you can be. And so, you may picture the violet flame in your third eye, seeing it with your mind’s eye, flickering there, growing in intensity. You may feel it and know it in your heart center or in your energy field. You may place whatever intentions within it that you desire to place there and trust that the violet flame knows what to do.

I am here to assist you in whatever ways that I can. I am here as a representative of the Divine Masculine to you. I represent alignment with Source Energy while in a physical body, and my lives there on Earth have been lived so that you could be inspired by me and by the ability that I had to hold a higher vibration while in physical form and living amongst other human beings who were not holding the highest vibration. And I always have seen it as my journey to assist others in joining me in the violet flame vibration, and I will always be there for you. I have left the footprints behind. I have left the energetic markers for you all to pick up on and utilize for yourselves, and I hold my place here amongst the collective of ascended masters to be that which you can reach up to now and feel yourself harmonizing with. 

Please do call out to me by name and reach up and in for me, because I am always here holding the vibration of the violet flame for you, and I am always ready to assist you in all the ways that I can. That is my journey, my mission, and my purpose. 

I am St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame.”

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