Enjoy the poem below as it ignites remembrance and change. The video is detailed into the eclipse energies, so I recommend you watch the video and read the post below.

Surface does not suffice, yet you have crossed a threshold.

At that threshold of the cross, a diamond body resets.

The Dove does not land, it hovers and slows as mighty wings blow, sweeping debris and decay as Time turns a new day.

There is fear and war clouding the peaceful roar.

Yet the Dove above is wisdom’s floor. 

It is landing in hearts and minds sublime. Twisting open locks with keys galore.

This universe is you, Dovetailing invisible flow.

The clocks turn back to the Time you Know.

Fly high, daring Dove. It’s not yet Time-to-Land.

Your brain is a mystic, an hourglass, a sieve. Re-ceive the universe. Re-sieve the world.

Your flight is a path of Love unfurled. It is the cosmos, though dark and silent.

What is space, is a force, Love’s birth seeming violent.

It is not the only way, yet the well-worn path of life.

Struggle and suffering are both real and fake. Embrace the tears and the change is fast; crocodile’s wisdom is deep in the past.

When you remember you recognize Time is still here. It is movement that blurs before resolution is clear.

Both are present and your gift is Awareness. For as you move you create, destroying worlds in your wake.

Is that Love? Is that hate?

Dear One, it is fate.

Time is your blessing, as you bless Time’s grace.

It is friend, not foe. You are in Time’s embrace.

It is in your heart, giving space to flow. It is in your mind, receiving Love to grow.

Love Boldly

The origins of this trip is rooted in an experience that I share HERE. It goes far beyond Egypt, it is a foundational experience of the shift we are all going through.

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