How to Receive More Help from Us & Help Others ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are ready and waiting for your requests. We love to hear from all of you directly, and when you speak those requests out loud, the energy that you infuse into the requests is felt not only by us but by all others who are your helpers. The universe responds well to sound, and when you speak something out loud, you create a sound. You literally put something out into the universe that will go on and on.

Now, as you connect to us with your requests, notice whether you can feel our energy, our presence, because if you can, then you know that you have raised your vibration to the point, to the frequency, where that is a possibility for you. Being in a lower vibrational state and putting out a request to us, to your guides, to the universe, is not as effective as when you raise your vibration first, and then state your desire out loud. 

Now, as you move forward as individuals, you will notice that it is important to you that others receive what they desire as well. And when you have that desire for others, you align with all the helpers that exist throughout the universe, because that is their goal as well. The goal of any helper is to help as many people as possible. And because you are a part of a collective, anything that you desire for the collective, you desire for you as well. 

You are a part of the collective of humanity. It is also important for you to recognize that you can always help others to raise their vibration. You do so by setting an example, by putting out a positive and high vibration. You do so by caring about how other people feel. When you listen with a compassionate ear, you have the tendency to elevate the vibration of the person you are listening to, because that is what they need in that moment.

When you live your life from a higher-vibrational state, you also tend to attract others to you who are right below where you are vibrationally and will benefit the most from being around you, or from hearing what you have to say. This is a beautiful time for you all to see yourselves as the leaders of humanity, as the ones who have the tools and the knowledge to get into those higher-vibrational states. And again, when you do, you align with us and you align with so many others throughout the universe who are of a higher vibration and who want to help all of humankind.

This ascension is not about separation or elimination; it is about integration and collaboration. The more you come together with your fellow humans, and you set positive intentions for all, the easier the process of ascension will be for everyone. You are not doing this alone; everyone who is there with you is a helper as well. And even if they are helping you by pushing your buttons, they are still helping you. Sometimes you need to know that you have pushable buttons so you can do something about them. 

You want to be love in all situations, and when you are around all people, not just the ones that are easy to love. That too will keep you in a higher-vibrational state; you will be the example you want to be to others, and you will be the leader that you know you really are in this movement of the ascension of the human collective consciousness’ vibration. That overall vibration continues to rise up, and you all who are a part of the Awakened Collective are a huge part of that. And when that is your goal, you have so much help coming to you from all directions.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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