I am Michael and I am here to talk about the new track!

No matter how much I love you, this is very important for you to understand!

This new track is up to you!

This track is there, laying before your feet – but – only if you choose to validate it, to recognize it!

And what is it all about? Really? Has it not been there before, you might ask yourself?


It is like a birth of a new era! A new deposit of time!

This new time is not only a timeline, no, it is much more!

This new time is a new world, a new universe if you like!

A timeline can be more narrow!

And how does this work? What does it mean?

The acceleration of the universe that you already live in has gained momentum and have actually reached a new world, this new time, and it is very unusual, but yet we have known about it for a long while.

This is a present for you! And how do you feel it, and how can you understand this? Very important questions!

Well firstly this new world is corresponding to love and patience and gratitude!

Yes when I say this I actually mean that it can feel you! And then it lets you join! You see, it is alive! This new time is a living being and it feels you and your intentions!

You can not interact with this energy, if you are even the slightest gready or needy for something that is not pure love!

My recommendations for you is to meditate on being, existing, here and now, and accepting oneness with Universea, the great universal Motherhood.

Every plant, every animal on Earth is already connected! 

If you search peace, you will find peace!

If you search for good things you will always find it! 

But now you will find that it is all within you, you already have it!

You are soo close!

Just BE and breathe love and as I said meditate on; I AM! WE ARE ONE!

Your serentity within will join the serentity of the new era and you will be warmly welcomed, because your are awaited my dear friend!

You do not have to search high and low for this, you have already done the hard work, now you just have to realize that you are already there!

You are here right where you are, and by loving yourself unconditionally, and letting go of the old, you can feel the unity of this new era of love!

We love you very much and we anticipate to embrace you heart to heart!



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