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Dear Ones,

What is it you wish you could do? What do you want to do? Where and who are you in your world? Significant questions to ask as you create your unique path.

In the past, you followed the path created by others until you did not know if your life was your creation or that of others.

This is a new world with new inner directives. Directives that are less about your community than has been true of any previous Earth existence.

Some of you feel that this thought isolation is counter-productive, given the divisions displayed daily by the media and your encounters with others who were once dear to you. It is as if a light was switched on, illuminating what you thought was perfect, only to discover shoddy furniture and peeling paint.

You are no longer who you were, even months ago; the same is true for those you interact with. Everyone is trying to make sense of this new, confusing, and uncomfortable world.

When your relatives, friends, or community members remind you of your former actions, you feel no excitement in performing them again. And when a new activity is proposed that sparks your interest, you are confused.

The new seems intriguing but frightening because it is beyond your everyday routine. And the old has become boring even though you retain memories of the joy it once brought you.

Even though you have been preparing for this shift for some time, your confusion is more profound than anticipated. As has been true throughout this earth transition, you expected everything to be rapid and effortless. Such could not happen. You are in a physical body that demands process instead of instant gratification. You are moving more rapidly than we of the Universes thought possible but more slowly than you wanted. Instead of the step-by-step process you are experiencing, you pine for magic beans or a glass slipper to change your life instantly.

Such has happened in your 3D world, but never as a combination of an Earth and Universal transition. Instant 3D transitions included winning large sums of money, birthing a baby, or moving to a new community. Even though those activities might have changed a life instantly, they were limited to acceptable Earth possibilities.

The change you are encountering combines Earth shifts with Universal input, producing a wobble effect in your decision processes. Others have demonstrated Earth changes for eons, allowing you to understand why and how those changes occurred. This new system interlaces Earth and Universal changes. A system no one can warn you about, for no one has yet encountered such a dual shift.

As you prepared for this life, you interacted with Earth beings and created an environment for yourself lifetime after Earth lifetime. Between Earth lives, you flitted throughout the Universes, grasping concepts appropriate for this transition. Never before have you combined Earth and Universal thoughts, activities, and skills.

It is a confusing time. One moment, you are peacefully completing Earth actions; the next, you are bored or angry at the skill isolation required of Earth life. Your inner being screams to incorporate your Universal skills with your Earth-knowingness. And your outer being demands that you retain your Earth being without Universal bells and whistles.

As an Earth being, you feel normal. Adding Universal skills frightens both you and those around you. Not because the combination is wrong but because it is so new that no one can inform you of the effects of that combination. Something you will do for those who follow. But for now, you likely feel isolated and fearful of your new dual needs and interests.

This is a new world in which the dual being you are becoming is a display of possibilities for those who dare to access them – including you. There is no need for you to cry out in fear. Nor is there a need for you to ignore your new skills. You are capable of activating this unique combination. In fact, you will become more and more withdrawn and perhaps experience physical pain if you do not. Whether you like it or not, your new being is part of you.

Accept who you are by allowing your Earth and Universal beings to work together in peace and acceptance as you create a new you. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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