Last weekend, it was time to take down the Christmas decorations. It’s always a bittersweet task for me. I’m ready for the freshness of a new year and a less cluttered home, and yet I always miss the sparkle, shine, and coziness of the holiday decor. I keep a small tree up year-round and decorate it for the seasons, but there’s something about my Christmas tree, in its sparkling glory, that makes my house feel like a heavenly home.

Not wanting to wallow around in missing the lights while they were still up, I decided on a great way to raise my vibe. I slept on the couch! It was pure childhood fantasy deliciousness. Christmas music played softly in the background, while the pile of fleece blankets I gathered from around the house made me feel like I was lying in a warm and soft cloud. Just beyond closed eyelids, the trees glittered and sparkled casting a heavenly magic on me as I drifted into the other dimensions. Bliss. I awakened feeling cradled in love and ready to work.

I resolved to stay in the present moment through a weekend of hauling boxes. I sat for a few moments before I got going and imagined it being fun work, easy work, and having good thoughts of appreciation rather than falling into self-criticism for being so crazy with my holiday decor. I’ve never had an easier time hauling boxes. A large task has never flowed so smoothly. I never felt so peaceful en route to a goal. I didn’t allow my mind to wander beyond the here and now. As I worked, I gave non-stop thanks for everything I could think of. At the end of the weekend, I sat in a house filled with sparkling hearts and valentines, ready to love life even more.

The high vibing paved the path for a wonderful week that could have easily gone down a different path. A repair person was scheduled but couldn’t make it. It ended up that he had covid. Had he come for the original appointment, he might have shared before he knew. Now I can pray for his recovery.

The same day, other helpers discovered a big, slow leak in the front yard. I had been asking God to reveal the cause of my larger-than-normal water bill. There it was! My house isn’t young, and things wear out occasionally, but once again, there was no harm. We got it before it turned into an Old Faithful Geyser. An very kind man spent four hours in cold mud and dirt to fix it as I was writing this.

So, how does being in a high vibe relate to all this seeming stream of things that don’t appear to be working? Simply, that I am in a flow of grace and ease, even when life is being life—when things break, people can’t come when they are scheduled, and bills come at you fast. I’m having a great week in spite of long hours and little sleep. I’m working on a new coloring book because right now the cuteness factor delights me. I’m figuring out how to get the products that I currently sell on Etsy on another site that will allow me to more easily offer my products to international customers. Good keeps flowing. Prayers keep getting answered. Life’s challenges are not derailing me as they used to. And when I wobble, I just recalibrate and go on with a good day.

Right as I wrote this there was a knock on the door. The wonderful young man who fixed the pipes told me that although the repair was expensive, he was charging me a lot less than he could have because I had been so kind to him. God bless. Focusing on good feelings not only leads to a happier life, and loving connections with people you don’t even know, but also saves you money in ways you didn’t even ask for or dream of. Feeling good and getting in a high vibe is the most practical thing you can do.

The universe doesn’t keep score. You can start down a negative path, catch yourself, look for the good, and turn it all around in less than 30 seconds. A single moment of pure appreciation can shift your vibe, and your day. I wasn’t thrilled Monday when the leak couldn’t be fixed right away but I quickly shifted to gratitude and appreciation. We all felt better, and I got an unexpected blessing as well.

The minute you shift your vibe, you begin to shift your reality. The Divine and your angels never judge or weigh our worth. They only love us.

Here are a few pointers to turn things around quickly:

1.  Don’t beat yourself up when you’re feeling down

This sounds so logical, but when we’re not being the people we want to be, we have a tendency to get down on ourselves and beat ourselves up. When we’re not positive, we can easily get defensive or feel bad about it. When we know we could do better, there’s almost an unspoken shame. None of that is useful.

When you’re down, or you catch yourself thinking things you know aren’t helpful, start by loving yourself through it. Talk kindly to yourself. Give yourself a hug. These things sound foolish, but if you’ve ever watched a little child having a meltdown, often an effective solution is when the parents choose to pick them up, give them a hug, and love them through it. Telling yourself (or a child) that you shouldn’t be upset is almost begging for more upset!

Instead, give yourself the unconditional love and acceptance you crave at those times. Be kind to yourself. As you grant yourself acceptance, you’ll automatically start to feel better. If you don’t accept your own feelings, you’ll defend your right to be down. Even if you have the best reason to feel the way you do, you don’t want to stay there. Any love, especially self-love and self-acceptance, will begin to raise your vibe.

2. In the words of the angels, “Stop looking through the rearview mirror.”

Years ago, the angels started saying, “If you want to move forward in life, look through the windshield. Stop looking through the rear-view mirror!” It was a cute metaphor for the fact that if we want to move forward, we need to focus forward and stop focusing backward.

It isn’t always easy to let go of the injustices of the past, but if you find something fun to think about or fun to do, you’ll want to think of that instead of the painful past. It may take some practice and habit-shifting, but eventually, it will become a refreshing new habit to think about the things you look forward to.

3. If you feel stuck, prompt yourself with a question

Ask yourself, “What am I creating now?” You’ll know by your feelings—more of that is the answer, more of the way I feel now.

Then ask yourself, “What do I want to create? How might that feel?” Let the answer bubble up from your spirit, which remains eternally connected to love.

The idea that the universe doesn’t keep score took me a while to absorb years ago. We’re used to being hard on ourselves for perceived flaws rather than dusting ourselves off, saying, “oops,” and getting back on track. We’re used to apologizing to humans and begging for forgiveness, but the Divine needs no such thing.

One happy thought, one good feeling, and you’re back on track, headed for good! Keep it up, and good will come more and more quickly. Wobble, and it might take a little longer. In any case, it is a good feeling to know your hands are on the switch to allow the love or not. and if you accidentally flip it off, just flip it back on again by moving towards those kinder feelings. No harm, no foul, no judgment 🙂

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