Hallo dear beautiful friend 💓

I just wanted to reach out to you today and say congratulations to the midsummer solstice a special moment!(That was yesterday on Thursday 😉

For me this is so important! Just all the eqinoxes and midwinter solstice! These are real moments in time, our time! The longest day at the whole year it is! And here where I live in the North at the same longitude as Alaska, it is light all night long.

Where I live in Sweden many people celebrate today (Friday) as a modern way of life. But for me the very meaning with it has been minimized into something else. 

It is not wrong – oh no – but the SUN was something that was loved and worshipped for many thousands of years ago.

The focus point has shifted and as a result the decreasing knowledge about Mother Earth and all the living beings here.

The gratitude for each fairy and for all of those that work constantly for making Mother Earth live and also survive. 

They love her so much and at each sunrise, giving her the breath of life each day and each night. Those are the ones that we should celebrate and sing for and give gifts to?

I am a heathen that loves God! And I have been given the joyfull mission to write! Halleluja 💚!

I not only believe in God – I KNOW GOD – for I met God in my kitchen 15 years ago and it was amazing love all around, Gods love lifted me up and I did an ascension right there and it was increadible, as I was washing up a pan in the morning, after the oatmeal porridge.

The thing is: it has been so lovely, it has been a miracle for me, these days and weeks turning into years, so wonderful sunrises and sunsets!

And I am so grateful, forever!💓💓💓

But it has been hard too, at the same time. I have worked with beloved Jesus in his work here on Earth and it includes the worst of the worst and I am devastated over the amount of evil that exists that he and his team has to face constantly.

God asked me in the kitchen: would you like to help me by writing a book for me? And I said yes, and so I did! For I really wanted to help!

And the book is Gods love declaration to EVERY WOMAN on EARTH!

And the book is also Gods love declaration to MOTHER EARTH where she, has a chapter of her own!

And no! Women did not come from a mans rib…oh no! That is a lie!

The man comes from a womans womb! 

In fact women where first on Earth!

Many secrets are revealed in the book that I wrote for God but most of all it is all about faith hope and love and the holy nectar that I found in Jamtland where I live. 

So I say no matter what, every moment counts, every heartbeat is important, even when you wash a pan in your kitchen, when you are tired in the morning! A miracle might happen anytime!

And even if there are certain holidays to celebrate where there a are great expectations, preparations and festivities. 

Never forget the tiny moment when you did not expect anything at all, maybe when you are sad or tired. 

A wonderful miracle can happen here and now! 

You are the most important person, you are the miracle and you are loved.

Know that Mother Earth loves you! She knows you as well as God does! She wants to hold you in her arms, when you are sad. She wants to hold your hand in hers. She walks beside you at all times, just as God already do…! 

Our heartbeats unite us all, there is where we meet!



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